April’s Story

mirena, iud, abdominal pain, ibs, diarrhea

I had the Mirena IUD in for around 7-8 years (had the first one replaced after 6 years) and about 4 years ago I started having really bad digestive issues. I would have abdominal pain every morning upon waking up. I would have severe abdomen pain that radiated into my back every time I had a bowel movement. I had diarrhea nearly every day. Some days I wouldn’t be able to get through half a meal without getting extreme abdominal pains. I went for CT scans, x-rays, ultrasounds, blood work, etc. and the doctors had no answers for me. They started to blame cannabis and said I have cannabioid hypermesis. Which never sat right with me. I knew my symptoms weren’t from smoking cannabis. So after 4 years of suffering constantly and getting no help, I randomly came across an article that was talking about IUDs and their link to IBS symptoms. Immediately after reading that I made an appointment to have my IUD removed. I originally got it put in because I was bleeding for 10 months straight and the doctors didn’t know what to do for me other than give me an IUD, which did stop the bleeding. I had asked my doctors before if the IUD could be linked to all my health issues and they said no. They also said that if I got the IUD removed that my period would most likely return to how it was previously and I’d bleed for months on end. Which isn’t true. I got the IUD removed and HAVE NOT had any of my abdominal issues since. I don’t get pains anymore, I can eat normally now. I don’t have diarrhea everyday anymore. I finally feel like a normal human being again. I also got my period back and it lasted 5 days and is now gone. So the doctors were wrong about so many things. They were wrong that my period would be prolonged again. They were wrong that my symptoms were from cannabis. And they were wrong that the IUD wasn’t the reason behind my suffering. I’m so happy that I listened to my instincts instead of the doctors, or I would still be suffering to this day.

Submitted on January 20. 2022

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