Ays’ Story

My copper IUD failed removal twice.

The first time when the dr tried to remove it when she tugged hard the strings broke off.

The second attempt I had to go to gynaecologist and was given heavy pain killers. When they tried to remove it was still extremely painful and the doctor failed.

I was out a wait list for surgery to get it removed. Now my IUD is ineffective, still inside me and I still experience the heavy bleeding and painful periods. I am still on the wait list, due to c i’d all elective surgeries where out on hold on the public health care system. Now that elective surgeries are back they are catching up. I am still on the wait list with not date for surgery in sight.

My doctor recommends that I get private health i sure for faster surgery but i can’t really afford it.

Submitted on April 10, 2022 

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