Justin’s Story – Depo Injection

When I got DEPO shot I thought I was getting mad, my mental health was highly affected, I had seizure and I was ever dizzy, confused, brain fog, anxiety, horrible mood swings, I ended up going for CT scan which came back normal, I ended up going to ER coz of panic attacks from depo, I thought I was not gonna make it, I had dental issues, eyes stabbing issues, bone pain, legs pain, I thought I was getting stroke,

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Vivian’s Story

...my self esteem has plummeted… and the non-existent menstruation my doctor alluded to being a possibility… never happened. I now bleed every two weeks for at least 5 days. Needless to say, it is coming out this week. I cannot endure this any longer. I just hope that I can get my hair to regrow…

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Dawn’s Story

The doctor that took it out waved it in my face after it was out and asked if I wanted it for “the baby book.” I noticed that instead of it being the bright copper color, it had turned dark/brownish/blackish already. It had only been 8mo since it was put in. What had it done to my body in that short time?

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