Diana’s Story

Copper IUD, copper poisoning, pain, surgery

I’m 24 years old and last year I decided to try a copper iud after having been on various hormonal contraceptives since the age of 14 (the pill, depo shot).

As soon as it went inside my body I was in an incredible amount of pain. It felt like I was having a miscarriage and had contractions nonstop for weeks. I was told that my body would adjust and within a week or two I would be fine. Several weeks went by and it was just getting worse, it felt like I was experiencing copper poisoning. My body felt like it was in shock and constantly alarming me that there was something wrong. My cramps were so bad that I could barely stand, and sitting down they did not go away. As the days went by I noticed that my pH changed and I had BV. I am also prone to Bartholin cysts that come on from stress and the stress from the iud made my gland close up again and cause another cyst. I went to get the iud removed and the moment it left my body I felt instant relief. It was like I was able to breathe and relax again. Following the removal of the iud, which was causing me to have BV, the bacteria from the infection went into my gland and caused a very serious abscess that required surgical intervention. I wasn’t able to sit, walk normally, and even laying down I was in excruciating pain.


Submitted on April 21, 2022 

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