Faizah’s Story

My Copper IUD experience…
I had my IUD fixed in 2015 after my third child. I had it for 4years and 6 months. I was only told about about cramps and heavier bleeding, which was okay by me. I felt good with it up until about two years after, when I noticed my sense of intelligence was diminishing, I was no longer contributing to discussions as expected at official meetings . I had low energy too and felt withdrawn from my job, which I used to be passionate about! yet , I couldn’t link it to the foreign object in me….I kept attributing the whole symptoms to stress.. Lol
About 3 years into having it fixed,(2018) I noticed something was mentally wrong, I had confusion and brain fog, I visited different specialists, yet no correlation!
I kept putting up with mood swing, depression, low libido(this almost ruined my relationship), anger, I would yell at my children for no reason and then cry when I apologize to them😆 I was literally liable!
In February this year, panic attack surfaced and took over, depression joined, I was a shadow of myself, I kept keeping appointments with different specialists, yet not link! I tried several techniques including mindfulness and meditation, none seemed to give me expected results. I had different episodes of panic attack with varying intensities at different times…i felt incapacitated and sorry foe myself…In the middle of my depression in April, i stumbled on a post on the internet about the link between copper IUD and mental health….aughhh! My first phase of relief😆
Immediately, I scheduled an appointment with my family planner to discuss with her, but she insisted there is no correlation between my symptoms and IUD, she prescribed exercise.. Lol
I intensified my research and got more convincing experiences from women that had gone through same journey I was going through. I felt relieved I am not alone and wasn’t going crazy.
Exactly a week ago, I got the IUDd removed after a heated argument between my FP and I . To my surprise, the relief was almost instant! By the next day, I had started regaining my energy, I can think straight, I am now less Moody and depressed, although I still have slight palpitations and little tingling on the head, but I feel really better than the last 4.5 years!
I need advice on how to get my libido back, Is my cycle going to remain the same?
I hope I heal completely soon…
I am glad I found this group
Thanks for taking your time to read my story

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