Justin’s Story – Depo Injection

When I got DEPO shot I thought I was getting mad, my mental health was highly affected, I had seizure and I was ever dizzy, confused, brain fog, anxiety, horrible mood swings, I ended up going for CT scan which came back normal, I ended up going to ER coz of panic attacks from depo, I thought I was not gonna make it, I had dental issues, eyes stabbing issues, bone pain, legs pain, I thought I was getting stroke, I had neck pain that radiates to my arm and my stomach was forever bloated, I had horrible back pain and pelvic pain, and bone cracking too as I move my body, I was panicking, its horrible, as I speak now I have waist pain that comes and go, breast tenderness, guys what I mentioned here is very less, I advice you please do not get the DEPO shot, it will destroy your life, as I speak now I am still fighting after effects for quitting DEPO, before you get DEPO, do your research, it’s hectic. ✌️❤️✌️

Submitted on May 14, 2022

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