Kim’s Story

I lost five years of my life, I lost five years of my Son’s life, and I almost lost my marriage. In 2012 shortly after my son was born, I was advised by my doctor that I should have the Mirena IUD placed. I was 19 and my husband and I didn’t want anymore children for a while, so I agreed. The Mirena was placed and a few weeks later I noticed my mood begin to shift, so I called my doctor, and she advised that is was my hormones from giving birth a few months earlier. Seems reasonable, so I had no reason to question it. Then came my depression, short temper, and low sex drive. I had just turned twenty, and I was obsessed with my husband, so why didn’t I want to sleep with him. I didn’t understand it. I assumed it was still postpartum blues, and it would all resolve in time. I mean that is what my healthcare provider told me, why wouldn’t I trust her.
A few years pass and I am still moody, depressed, exhausted, and still have no sex drive. My husband was beginning to think I didn’t love him anymore. After all, I should be in my prime. I should want to be intimate with him all the time, and yet it seemed more like a chore than enjoyment. I finally had enough. I went to my Gynecologists’ office agmirena iud, low sex drive, moods __ain and explained to her what was happening with my body. She told me “Mirena does not have any of those side effects, and it sounds like you are just unhappy in your current relationship. Maybe you are bored and should try spicing it up.” I left feeling discouraged. I knew I loved my husband and that he was the most beautiful man on the face of the planet, so why wasn’t I happy. I needed a second opinion.
I scheduled an appointment with a doctor for a second opinion, and was told basically the same thing. She stated once again that Mirena did not cause side effects like the ones I was having, and that maybe I should speak with a counselor. I knew I wasn’t crazy, and I knew something was wrong. However, I did not trust my gut, and I left that demonic device inside of my body for the full FIVE YEARS…
It is now 2017 and I schedule an appointment to have my Mirena removed. I go into the office they take it out, and immediately try to pressure me to have another IUD put in, or go on a different form of birth control. I refused, as my husband and I were ready to have another baby. Within a week of my Mirena being removed, I started feeling like myself again. Within a month I was laughing, within 2 months I lost twenty pounds, within 3 months I had more energy, within 5 months my sex drive was soaring, within 6 months I was pregnant with our second child. I felt better than I had in 5 years, and I didn’t need medicine or counseling or anything else the doctor recommended, I just needed that poison out of my uterus.
Shortly after our second child was born, my (NEW) gynecologist recommended I take a “low” hormone birth control pill. I reluctantly agreed, I had a new provider, and I didn’t want anymore children right now, so once again I tried a new form of birth control. After a week of starting it, I called my husband crying. I could feel myself slipping away again. Do you know what that wonderful man told me? He told me to set fire to the pack, and that nothing was worth me losing myself again. I have not and will not accept any form of birth control ever again. These doctors push it on women for a profit, and completely ignore how they feel, and lie about the side effects. Moral of the story ladies.. trust your gut. and DO NOT LET YOUR HEALTHCARE PROVIDER DISMISS YOUR FEELINGS!

Submitted on January 5th, 2022

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