Libby’s Story

I have had the copper IUD for over 3 years, since having my IUD fitted I have suffered from very heavy and painful periods and cramps, in which I bleed through a tampon in 30 minutes. My periods become that bad it was affecting my daily life, stopping me from doing basic tasks/ activities. The bleeding got that bad my gp prescribed me a medication called Tranexamic acid which controls heavy bleeding. In January 2021 I was admitted to hospital with sepsis which is a life-threatening condition, they did not know what caused the sepsis at first however the doctors put it down to a kidney infection as I had bad pelvic and back pain. After a week in hospital on IV therapy and antibiotics to treat the sepsis, i was discharged home on oral antibiotics and told my symptoms would resolve after the 4 day course. Unfortunately my symptoms did not resolve and I was on oral antibiotics for a further 6 weeks, I still had pelvic pain and back pain that was becoming worse. My gp kept telling me this was a kidney infection. I knew my body and I knew this was something else however i felt that no health professionals was listening to me. I asked if my IUD could be checked from my first hospital admission but this was ignored. After a constant battle with my GP i was finally given a face to face GP appointment (this was difficult to get due to covid 19). During the appointment my IUD was checked and I was told this is all in place and not to worry. I was sent home and told to take pain killers for my pain. As the pain got worse i took myself to A&E and demanded a ultrasound scan to check my IUD was in place. The ultrasound shown that my IUD had perforated through my womb and had caused an infection. 7 weeks later I finally knew what was making me feel so unwell and in pain and caused me to get sepsis. I have an appointment in the next few days to get my IUD removed but will possibly need surgery for this. I have also been told they do not know the extent of the damage that has been caused, but this will be discussed in my upcoming appointment. If i can give anyone advice Please listen to your body!! Do not take no for an answer, nobody knows your body like you. From the moment i got my IUD fitter It has caused me nothing but pain and distress. Please think and research thoroughly before agreeing to have this put inside your body.

Submitted on March 11, 2021 

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