Nicole’s Story

I couldnt even keep my copper IUD in for a month. I started experiencing deep depression, anxiety, mental fog, and felt as if I was watching myself do some things. I had problems with memory and focus and trouble feeling in the moment. I felt a disconnect from things around me. I also could no longer exercise because i became so fatigued or had panic attacks. I would wake up sobbing sometimes for absolutely no reason. I was loosing control mentally but couldnt figure out why, I was normally a very calm, happy person. It scared me so much when i woke up one night and could barely realize my surroundings, i went to the ER the next day as it continued. They couldn’t find anything wrong with my blood or urine samples, but they also said they couldn’t test for heavy metals there. Then I remembered it had all started when I got the IUD. I got it removed today (a week after the ER incident) and can say I already feel SO much better, like a weight has been lifted. I finally smiled and sat up a bit taller as soon as I got home. I cant wait to give my body time to recover so I can get completely back to normal 🙂

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