Rima’s Story

I got the copper iud on the 10th September 2021. I only had it in for three weeks. The anxiety I experienced was absolutely terrible to the point where I could not sleep at all. So I went three weeks with getting around 2 hours of sleep every night. Which drastically affected my daily life. A few days before removing it I had a severe cramp and l bled alot. Got an ultrasound done and the Dr said everything was fine. However a few days after removal I started getting more cramps, my right leg was tingling. The doctor again told me that I was fine. I went on with my cramps basically living on ibprophen. Then swelling around my lower abdomen along with fever started. I went to another doctor who told me that I might have an infection but all of the blood work came back normal. I am still a bit crampy, but at the moment my neck face and arms are swollen. I am very frustrated and stressed. I recently got another ultrasound and I am awaiting the results. I hope this time something can explain what is wrong with me. Two months of feeling unwell and not knowing what is wrong. I don’t know what to do.

Submitted on December 9, 2021 

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