Sage’s Story

I was on the mini pill for 3 years, and by the 3rd year I had an overwhelming sense that it was doing me harm. I was depressed, had horrible anxiety, moody and in general felt unwell. I abruptly stopped taking it, side effects subsided and I planned to become pregnant. Following my pregnancy, I opted for the paragard iud. I thought it was a hormone free option and although the idea of something being in me was a little freaky, I couldnt pass up the chance at a worry free hormone free birth control option. For a time I noticed no bad side effects. By the start of the 2nd year with it, I was becoming unhappy. It’s hard to pinpoint what it was. In fact, iwas feeling the same way I had towards year 3 of taking the pill. I had an overwhelming sense it was doing something bad to me. I started to experience odd moments of heart palpitations, out of breath, etc. My sex drive was gone completely, but I attributed it to other things like being a busy mom. By September of 2020, I wanted it out. Bad. I called and made an appointment to have it removed but ended up canceling due to the sudden fear of pregnancy. By December, I couldnt take it any longer. I had lost tons of weight for no reason, food just wouldn’t stick to me, and I was starting to sweat badly– as if I was detoxing. Shaking, sweating etc. Finally I had it removed on the first of January. It’s now been out a week, so I can’t give a full review of the aftermath but I will say this- it is now CLEAR to me the copper IUD was causing my side effects. I haven’t had sweats. fast heart rate, or shakiness since day 2 of removal, and my sex drive almost immediately returned to pre pregnancy state. I began researching more and more and I’m horrified by how censored any real information is. The hard to find forums of other women’s experiences, the constant doctor responses of how it has to be something else, copper iud is hormone free…its sickening. I am now SURE that the IUD WAS in fact effecting my hormones, through copper interaction. It’s hard to find any scientific literature on it, but all the womens stories have read line up with mine. I wish doctors would inform people of the possible side effects. The fact that my symptoms got worse over time leads me to believe the copper was building up too much in my body. I don’t think its coincidence that the information is being censored. Paragard may be “hormone free” but that doesnt mean it wont affect your hormones! Paragard is just another pharmaceutical device and at the end of the day and drug companies will always make sure the truth doesn’t come out.