Story submission 01/04/2021

Having suffered from TERRIBLE periods (hereditary) , an IUD was always a goal as my mom had one inserted going into menopause after years of hemorrhaging just like I was. It worked for her but boy, I was drastically different for me. The moment I was covered with my extended benefits, it was a jump for joy. It was finally that I could achieve this goal. I made the appointment, had NO pain whatsoever and went on my way. 2 weeks later, I woke to go on my annual vacation that I plan my entire around and all I talk about. I felt very off and in a dark place. I played it off as stress as I was dieting to look fit in a bathing suit. While vacationing, I felt like I was dying. Waking up, running to the washroom to have a terrible BM, would then come out of the washroom to have the entire place distorted, almost like I was on a terrible trip. I felt like fainting and puking ( and would do both some days) and could not stand up. I then started hemorrhaging. I didn't know what was going on so I just tried to get through this vacation. I went to my doctor from my follow up and my IUD was being rejected. He took it out and placed a new one in, I again went on my way. My mornings would improve but still felt like I was still healing from what happened. Everything I ate, I felt like I hadn't eaten anything because I felt like my sugars were SO low and feel like fainting. But that was my "new normal" resulted from my dieting. Fast forward 8months and a global pandemic happens. I went grocery shopping and fainted in the store. Since that moment, it's lead down a dark road. With many ER visits, to nearly fainting while driving plenty of times, countless blood tests with no answers, my doctor laughing and telling me Its all in my head and prescribing me antidepressants and he has no answers for me. I had to stop working and stop driving. It led to dark throughts , laying on the couch 24/7, panic attacks, weight gain, insulin rejection, IBS to only name a few. It wasn't until I got a naturopath which told me all my blood work that came back "nothing to be worried about" were far from it. I started to dive in to IUD reviews to see if it had anything to do with the way I was feeling. After reading women's testimonials, it finally dawned on me- I have even suffering since it was inserted the first time- an ENTIRE year! I then called my doctor and he laughed at me and hung up. I called right back to demand it be removed. His only concern was what other birth control was I going to use next- never did he ever explain a "crash". I left the office thinking it was going to be rainbows and pirouettes. I was in ER the next day. It's led to many side effects that I know I was detoxing from my body. It was right back where I was when I first inserted it. 6months post removal and I'm still detoxing but I feel like I can have my personality back, and my libido and so many other things. Anxiety is still there heavily but I'm making small steps. I have not had an Ativan since August and only use GABA. I drive with a safe person with me and go into tiny stores. I am on a hormone stabilizer and hoping things will improve even more. It's changed my life dramatically and always wonder how I would feel if I never inserted it. BUT I know, I have made so much progress from that dark place I was in WITHOUT antidepressants (yoga and meditation!) . I hope this helps anyone who is feeling alone and hopeless.