Story submission 09/26/2022

I got the ParaGard copper IUD four days ago. The procedure of getting it set up was pretty painful. I was dizzy, cramping, spotting immediately after. I have had brain fog nonstop since I got it. My left leg often is tingly and has a pain in it. My joints are consistently in pain. It makes it harder for me to work out. I find myself craving food a lot. The worst part is the dizziness and the headaches. It’s very hard to focus and finish tasks. I feel this overwhelming sense of fatigue where I’m often napping throughout the day. I’m trying to decide if I should wait several months to try and see if my body adjusts or if this is some thing I shouldn’t end now. I really wanted to be on birth control to have control over that aspect of my life and feel confident and not worrying about having a child when I’m not ready. However, the fatigue and a brain fog is making it really hard for me to complete my day-to-day tasks. I’m wondering if anyone brain fog or any other negative symptoms got better as they kept it in longer and their body got adjusted.