Tess’s Story

I started the pill when I was 13 years old due to acne. A few months after I got diagnosed with a panick disorder. I didn’t make the connection since I was so young. Especially particular about this anxiety was a sort of dark OCD thought pattern that arose. I never had experienced a feeling of having thoughts that aren’t you. I wanted to stop the pill and go for ‘non hormonal’ I went for the copper IUD at 16. This made everything WORSE. It seemed like the panick I had got multiplied. The negative thoughts became more and more intense and it felt like I was losing my mind. The doctors refuse that copper IUDs can have an effect. However, the evidence of thousands of women is here. The copper IUD DOES affect your hormones and it has been extremely bad for me. I took it out two months ago and I’m on my way to heal. I put trash in my body for 6 years so I have to take my time. But I don’t recommend birth control as a whole which of course is really complicated. But it’s never worth your mental health.

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