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DEpo, mental health, seizures, anxiety

Justin’s Story – Depo Injection

When I got DEPO shot I thought I was getting mad, my mental health was highly affected, I had seizure and I was ever dizzy, confused, brain fog, anxiety, horrible mood swings, I ended up going for CT scan which came back normal, I ended up going to ER coz of panic attacks from depo, I thought I was not gonna make it, I had dental issues, eyes stabbing issues, bone pain, legs pain, I thought I was getting stroke,

Copper IUD, Paragard, Depression, Anxiety

Cressida’s Story

I have not personally had the IUD or experienced its effects but I have clients that have had problems with it due to the copper that leaches into the body. Copper when it is unbound gets stuck in organs and the brain and can cause many ill effects including depression, fears, brain fog etc. It will deplete zinc and cause calcium to rise as well. Many problems with it – women must detox from this and we help them with mineral analysis using hair tests to see whats going on. www.hairanalysisuk.com

Nuva ring, Mirena IUD, panica Attacks, weight gain, personality change

Irina’s Story

With the NuvaRing, I used it for two separate time periods. Both times, I experienced debilitating anxiety and panic attacks. I would break down frequently throughout the week and became obsessive over things my partner was/wasn’t doing, or events in life that were/weren’t happening. It pushed me close to emotional paralysis and psychosis. I relied on valerian root extract to help calm me down throughout the day.

With Mirena, I have gained 40 pounds over the course of 3 years.

IUD, heavy bleeding, pressure from boyfriend and doctor

Elizabeth’s Story

I was pressured by my boyfriend into getting a copper IUD at age 17, before I had ever had a period. After insertion, I experienced severe pain and started bleeding. After confirming that it was correctly placed and not perforating, my health care providers told me this was normal

Copper IUD, copper poisoning, pain, surgery

Diana’s Story

I’m 24 years old and last year I decided to try a copper iud after having been on various hormonal contraceptives since the age of 14 (the pill, depo shot).

As soon as it went inside my body I was in an incredible amount of pain. It felt like I was having a miscarriage and had contractions nonstop for weeks. I was told that my body would adjust and within a week or two I would be fine. Several weeks went by and it was just getting worse, it felt like I was experiencing copper poisoning.

Mirena IUD, postpartum, depression, heavy bleeding

Hilary’s Story

Had Mirena for 1 year post partum. Doctor recommended it since I had a c section. Had no previous experience with birth control. It took one year for my period to disappear completely and that’s when it all went bad. I had severe anxiety leading up to a 2-week long panic attack with no sleep, causing high blood pressure and…

I Mirena IUD, anxiety, depression, miserable

Cameron’s Story

Hi everyone! Here’s my story with the Mirena: I was on the combination pill for six years and had “seemingly” no side effects. I liked the idea of being on less hormones and I had a lot of friends who loved the IUD, so I switched over to the Mirena in December 2021. I noticed within a couple weeks that…

Copper IUD, Removal Failed, Wait list for Surgery

Ays’ Story

My copper IUD failed removal twice. The first time when the dr tried to remove it when she tugged hard the strings broke off. The second attempt I had to go to gynaecologist and was given heavy pain killers. When they tried to remove it was still extremely painful and the doctor failed. I was out a wait list for…

NuvaRing, vaginal ring, extreme vaginal dryness, extreme vaginal pain, lover back pain

KH’s Story – Vaginal Ring

I had the Nuvaring for about a year, had major symptoms, and have had lingering effects since stopping. When I started it, it gave me unbearable back pain for a week (I literally couldn’t walk or get out of bed) and felt awful.

Kyleena IUD, hair loss, androgenic acne

Vivian’s Story

…my self esteem has plummeted… and the non-existent menstruation my doctor alluded to being a possibility… never happened. I now bleed every two weeks for at least 5 days. Needless to say, it is coming out this week. I cannot endure this any longer. I just hope that I can get my hair to regrow…

Hair Loss, Jaydess coil, Jaydess, IUD, thin hair

Hannah’s Story

My hair started falling out within about 3 months of getting the Jaydess coil, to the extent I was eventually filling a brush a day (previously used to clear it about fortnightly). The doctor told me it was unlikely to be the coil and after blood tests etc decided it was just ‘natural’ hair loss.

copper IUD, Vertigo, fatigue, joint pain

Dina’s Story

…one year ago I started having vertigo attacks, I fainted twice, low blood pressure i went through ct s mri’s every thing went normal .after that…

Mirena IUD, PCOS, Endometrioses, Dislodged IUD D

Brittany’s Story

January 6, 2022 I had my mirena iud put in which was supposed to help with my PCOS & endometriosis ,2 weeks after I started experiencing the worst fuccen pain in my life and chalked it up to “there might be some discomfort and pain for a few weeks while your body adapts to the changes “.

Paragard, migraines, anxiety

Dawn’s Story

The doctor that took it out waved it in my face after it was out and asked if I wanted it for “the baby book.” I noticed that instead of it being the bright copper color, it had turned dark/brownish/blackish already. It had only been 8mo since it was put in. What had it done to my body in that short time?

mirena, iud, abdominal pain, ibs, diarrhea

April’s Story

I got the IUD removed and HAVE NOT had any of my abdominal issues since. I don’t get pains anymore, I can eat normally now. I don’t have diarrhea everyday anymore. I finally feel like a normal human being again. I also got my period back and it lasted 5 days and is now gone. So the doctors were wrong about so many things. They were wrong that my period would be prolonged again. They were wrong that my symptoms were from cannabis. And they were wrong that the IUD wasn’t the reason behind my suffering. I’m so happy that I listened to my instincts instead of the doctors, or I would still be suffering to this day.

embedded IUD, mental health, painful sex

Amelia’s Story

“…my IUD was embedded where ever up there and it had to be surgically removed. After the procedure a hospital psychiatrist came and talked to me because they thought I was crazy. I had to convince them I was not which I am not. I swear it was because of the IUD. After the IUD was removed I was back to myself. This happened in 2013. ”

mirena iud, low sex drive, moods

Kim’s Story

“Mirena does not have any of those side effects, and it sounds like you are just unhappy in your current relationship. Maybe you are bored and should try spicing it up.” I left feeling discouraged. I knew I loved my husband and that he was the most beautiful man on the face of the planet, so why wasn’t I happy. I needed a second opinion…

Lyletta iud. migraines, ovarian cysts

Amanda’s Story

Women get poor options and forced to choose what we feel is the lesser evil. Terrible side effects and potentially life threatening reactions. Birth control is not a “one size fits all”. It’s dangerous.

mirena iud, stomach pain, vomiting, depression, diarrhea

Kristin’s Story

After having my Mirena for 3 years I seemed to be battling constant nausea and stomach pains along with bouts of diarrhea. After seeing my GP and being referred to OB/Gyn and a Gastroenterologist. I had blood tests, ultrasounds, was tested for parasites and so many other things.

Kyleena IUD, heart burn, chest pain, heart palpitations

Megan’s Story

Everyone tells me either that the symptoms will go away soon or that it’s not my IUD at all. Just last month I was drinking coffee, eating what I wanted, working, going to yoga, sleeping well. Now I haven’t been able to do any of that. I worry that this is my life now and that it will only get worse. I just wish I knew for sure if it is the Kyleena.

mirena iud, copper iud, lactating, cycsts, hysterectomy

A. Garcia’s Story

In my early thirties I decide to go for the Mirena IUD. About 6 months later I started lactating as if I was pregnant. My family was afraid to tell me I was angry and short all the time. It was a mini intervention to see if I loved them.

Paragard, Copper IUD, expulsion, embedded in uterus

Stephanie’s Story

The whole experience has not only been physically traumatic, but mentally and emotionally traumatic as I was not warned of the risks of becoming pregnant on an IUD.
It has put a roadblock in my marriage with my husband.

Copper IUD, Paragard, hair loss, fatigue, constipation, thyroid suicidal ideation

Mayra’s Story

My hair started falling out I started to look bald. My skin was dry and I bruised very easily. Everything hurt. My joints hurt my hip and shoulders especially. All the symptoms I named before just got worse. My tongue was dry and and white. I was sensitive to sound. I started getting peach fuzz around my face like when I was pregnant and I started sprouting whiskers.

Copper IUD, Weight Gain, Low Libido Thyroid, Misdiagnosis

Blanca’s Story

At age 23, my partner and I decided to move into our first apartment in Johannesburg, South Africa! It was to be the best time of our lives. I had been on hormonal birth control and was unhappy with the side effects and so opted for the Copper IUD- I had done my research which all pointed to it being a fantastic hormone-free option and my doctor didn’t advise me any differently when I requested it.

Depo injection, infant mortality, death

Rochelle’s Story – Depo Injection

I would like to tell my story of how I’m suffering from Depo issues after being off of it over 25yrs. Bone loss early onset osteoporosis. And my daughter died days after giving birth after being on Depo five years.

Depo, stomach, pain, Emergency Room, constipation,

Emma’s Story – Depo Injection

I started developing migraines, stomach pains and cramps, IBS symptoms such as constipation and on occasion diarrhea. If I had to be honest, I didn’t think anything of it besides that it was just my body getting used to It and adverse side effects.

Depo Provera, bone loss, osteoporosis, hip fracture, career loss, weight gain

Stephanie’s Story – Depo Injection

If only I had known then what I know now maybe I would not be a disabled, registered nurse at the young age of 38 years old after becoming a mother for the first time. I feel like I waited my whole life to bring a child into this world only to be devastated by the effects Depo Provera has had on my body, yet again. I may have lost my career and the majority of my physical strength but I have not lost my drive to fight for myself and the thousands of other women who have had their bodies destroyed by this medication!!!

Depo Injection, Hair Growth, Beard, Hirsutism, Libido Loss

Rose’s Story – Depo Injection

I tried everything to get rid of the beard. I went to the doctor and he told me that hirsuitism must run in my family even though it doesn’t. In fact, I’m blonde and prior to taking depo I never had a beard or male pattern hair on my body. None of my female family members have had hirsuitism or a beard. I cried because he didn’t believe me.

copper idu, face and arm swelling, insomnia, anxiety

Rima’s Story

The doctor again told me that I was fine. I went on with my cramps basically living on ibprophen. Then swelling around my lower abdomen along with fever started. I went to another doctor who told me that I might have an infection but all of the blood work came back normal.

Copper IUD, hair loss, anxiety, fatigue

India’s Story

I had the IUD inserted September 2021. I am getting it removed this week. This Copper IUD has caused me so many issues including hair loss, fatigue, anxiety more than ever before, so tired I can barely lift anything, depression, mood swings, hopelessness, I can barely get dressed some days. I will never ever recommend this birth control to anyone.

Nuva Ring, blood clots, birth control

Jennifer’s Story – vaginal ring

“…one nurse was admitting me while another nurse was hooking me up to an EKG, this was my first indication something was BAD wrong, within minutes I was getting a CT scan and an ultrasound on my leg. My left leg was full of clots. I am overall healthy, young, and a healthy weight for my height. There is no reasonable explanation for me to have such severe clotting.”

Paragard, Copper IUD, depression, PMDD

Denise’s Story

I spoke with the doctor and explained that my symptoms are probably attributed to the copper IUD since I had not made any significant modifications in my life. She told me that it’s improbable that the copper IUD is causing the problems, and she prescribed the Yaz birth control pill to “regulate my moods”. The doctor refused to swap my IUD because she thought inserting the Mirena would create more physical pain that would produce the same results. She basically told me that it’s unlikely that the Mirena would solve my mood issues.

Copper IUD, depression, anxiety, weight, libido, vision

Cynthia’s Story

I got the Copper IUD 4 years ago. 30 days after my 4th baby born. I really don’t believe in hormonal BC so I decide to try the copper IUD. As soon I got the IUD I experienced bloating and gaining weight but I didn’t connect the dots because I just had a baby. Then muscle pains, knees pain. Really heavy periods but my doctor explain that could happen so I thought a little price to pay for my convenience. But this devil started showing his true colors in November 2019.

Copper IUD, non hormonal birth control, side effects,

Marissa’s Story

Weight gain that refused to go away, anxiety, depression, hair loss, inconsistent bowel issues, and excruciating pain. Every so often the cramps were so intense I felt like a knife was trying to poke its way out of me. At first, I didnt think it was the IUD causing me these issues because it was so called non hormonal, then when I realized it was, I still wanted to keep it in because I felt like I had no other birth control option.

IUD, racing brain, anxiety attacks, insomnia, loss of sex drive , and my hair started falling out

Krista’s Story

I had not been myself for years ! And it was started to mentally show on full force. Doctors tried to put me on many meds / different holistic remedies and nothing would work for long and meds made me have a seizure . I went through hell & back!

Paragard, IUD, hair loss, fatigue, bloating

Christine’s Story

Debilitating fatigue
Weight gain
Brain fog
Anxiety never had anxiety in my life)
30 day periods
Ungodly odor
PH usually 4.0 now 4.5
Clumps or disgusting discharge
Constant vagina wetness gooey grossness
Hair thinning
0 ambition

IUD, brain fog, anxiety, depression, hair loss

Sophie’s Story

It has ruined my life, my list of symptoms are brain fog, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, mood swings, racing heart, heart palpitations, weight gain, hair loss, insomnia, cold hands and feet, jaw tension, visual disturbances, extreme fatigue, headaches, migraines, terrible PMS two weeks before my period, ‘tired but wired’ and more.

Debo, hormones, estrogen, progesterone, fatigue, anxiety

Lucy’s Story – Depo Injection

My main symptoms have been major fatigue, unexplained anxiety and panic attacks, tremors, digestive problems, dizziness, vision changes, body aches and pains, low blood sugar, hot flushes and feeling off balance.

NuvaRing, anxiety, depression, weight gain, painful sex

Amanda’s Story – Vaginal Ring

This ring has been changed. It causes serious anxiety issues, painful sex, weight gain, migraines, nausea just to name a few! There are thousands of women who are suffering from this.

Paragard, copper IUD, breastfeeding, PMS, anxiety

Amanda’s Story

I am 4 months pp and nursing my baby. Got the Paragard inserted 3 weeks ago. For the last 2 weeks I have been completely irritable, bloated, pmsing. Then this last week my milk supply has tanked. Baby also started getting a rash when fed that went away shortly after feeding. Drs said no way could any of it be from the “hormone free” iud.

Liletta IUD, Health Insurance, vaginal dryness

Anonymous Story

I have had the Liletta IUD for 10-11 months. I have recently (last 4-6 months) had issues with vaginal dryness which is causing issues in my relationship (sex). I have been feeling depressed the last 3 months which is really impacting my work as well as personal relationships.

Copper IUD, Paragard, loss of libido

Aaneesah’s Story

I have been with the copper iud for almost two years and lost every ounce of sexual appetite from the very first week of insertion. I did not suspect it until recently. Having it removed in three days.

Depo Provera, UTIs, withdrawal, migraines

Kristina’s Story – Depo Injection

Once my injection wore off I went through terrible withdrawals, migraines, constipation, diaherra, weight gain, hemorrhoids, back, side, stomach issues and horrible boob pain.

mirena, paragard, iud, chronic vaginal bacteriosis

Gretchen’s Story

I tried both IUD’s and they both gave me chronic bacterial vaginosis monthly. I was on antibiotics every month for years because of this. The antibiotics destroyed my gut health.

Mirena IUD, trauma, perforated uterus

Pauline’s Story

Had mirena inserted aug 11 and by week two had bad bloating and sharp pain I put up with it for two more weeks I’m a nurse and popped into see my Dr who decided to take me to theatre the next day as he couldn’t see the strings..the next day I went down for surgery they couldn’t find the coil..they woke me up had an xray..they said it wasn’t in my uterus but in my abdomen

Mirena IUD, psycho, bad depression, anxiety, migraines, nausea, extreme mood swings, hair falling out

Shelly’s Story

My experience with the Mirena IUD the last about 7 years has been hell on my body. When I first got it inserted (2015) after I had my daughter (2014), it turned me into a complete psychopath for almost 2 years. And then when I found out i was pregnant with my son the IUD had moved and was lodged in the left side of my uterus and my uterus was growing over the IUD.

Mirena IUD, panic attacks, dizzy, heavy bleeding

Carla’s Story

I’m sitting here crying because I feel like I’m going crazy. I hadn’t been on any birth control for over 10 years. Earlier this year I had 2 cardiac stents placed and was put on Plavix(blood thinner) and my life changed forever.

Mirena IUD, painful bleeding, mirena crash ing, migraines

Fiona’s Story

I had a Mirena iud twice in my life. I was not told about any possible side effects, so I was largely unable to understand the full effects, each time. Each time I raised concerns, the doctors fully denied any association whatsoever. Mostly, I just felt alone & like I was the problem.

iud, depression, anxiety, muscle twitching

Brittany’s Story

Extreme anxiety, depressive thoughts, MUSCLE TWITCHING ALL OVER MY BODY, weight gain, low libido, fatigue, hair loss. Anxiety went away as soon as I removed it. Muscle twitches are slowly going away.

liletta, breastfeeding, mood changes, low libido

Grace’s Story

I had the lileta put in last month. I am currently going through severe mood changes. The scary part is that I started having pain in legs and left arm, tingling in the sole of my feet and strange taste in my mouth.

iud, uterine performation, colon attachment

Jessica’s Story

I had mine put in and not a month later it had broken through my uterine wall and attached itself to my colon. I had to go under to have surgery to remove it. I’ve had constant back pain and hip pain for months now.

mirena iud, anxiety, irritable, anxious

Megan’s Story

I had the mirena iud inserted due to endometriosis. Within a day or two of insertion I was so anxious and irritable, I didn’t want to live in my own body anymore.

Mirena IUD, Seizures

Jazmin’s Story

I developed seizures from the mirena. No meds would work to stop or control the seizures. They originally started around my cycle and then became more frequent. I had to have brain surgery to control them. I no longer have the device and I’m still suffering from the side effects that were not listed.

copper iud, paragard, pregnancy

Walaa’s Story

I visited the ER and I was told that my iud had moved behind my uterus and the baby was completely fine. But I was also told that if I wanted to remove my iud I would lose my baby. I am currently dealing with the situation now and I am completely devastated and confused as I do not want to lose my baby.

iud, vaginal bacteriosis, tampons

Raquel’s Story

Tampon fibres built up on the string (hard as a rock the size of a nickel). It gave me bacterial vaginosis.

Copper IUD, heavy bleeding, painful sex

Averi’s Story

I got the Copper IUD and I removed it myself 2 months later. It’s been a year since I had it in, and I have been wanting a child but can’t concieve, depesite the doctors saying everything is normal.

Mirena IUD, migraines, anxiety, IBS, depression

Cassandra’s Story

I wanted to list my side effects here from my Mirena IUD (5 year). [2015-2020]

Early on:
Mood swings, particularly heinous during periods and ovulation. Not as bad as when on the pill but close.
Worsening social anxiety and depression to the point where it was moderately severe.

Paragard, Copper IUD, brain fog, lightheadedness

Sally’s Story

since I got my paragard copper iud inserted I have certain brainfog,and lightheadedness, always more a few days before my period,I keep on thinking if it’s from my iud because my doctor insured me that not, and I really wanna remove it!

Copper Iud, Paragard, pregnancy, sepsis

Kristina’s Story

The iud is behind the baby so doctors are unable to remove it. I don’t have any bleeding and so far myself and baby look healthy… I’m unsure if I should continue pregnancy out of fear of sepsis. Is there any moms who have had healthy babies with a related story?

copper idu, UTIs, Metallic Taste in Mouth, depression, anxiety

Natalie’s Story

I suffered with severe anxiety, panic attacks (new), depression, weight gain (2 stone) despite eating and exercising the same as before. Metallic taste in my mouth, extremely dry skin, constant UTIs , thrush (new), total change of personality, apathy, tiredness, social withdrawal etc i am now on the road to recovery finding the weight loss slow

Mirena IUD, anxiety, depression, ocular migraines, vision loss

Chelsea’s Story

A week after insertion I started feeling pretty bad breast pain and was really sad for no reason. Each day for the following 3-4 weeks I had more severe symptoms. I started getting aura/ocular migraines every second day (usually only have 4-5 a year) completely losing my vision for up to 45 minutes at a time

paragard breakage, iud, damage to my body

Reuvean’s Story

Reuvean expresses fear and concern about Paragard breakage after removal. Does anyone know what kind of damage may happen to their bodies? Was anyone informed that breakage might occur?

Paragard, IUD, pregnancy

Rebecca’s Story

Rebecca shared that sheI had the Paraguard IUD for four years and became pregnant. She was one of the “1%” of the manufacturers statistics on pregnancy during IUD use. How many more women are part of the 1%?

mirena IUD, upper back pain, breast pain, lichen sclerosis

Michelle’s Story

I had upper back pain, breast pain (more particularly in the left side of my chest, it scared me so bad that I went into the ER thinking it was heart related but thankfully it wasn’t… but still the doctors couldn’t give me an answer for my pain) emotional, feeling pressure and bloated down there…

mirena iud, acne, bloating, body hair growth

Cassandra’s Story

My mood swings were so bad that I thought I had BPD. I spent almost 2 full years struggling with binge eating. I also started getting chin hair and oily hair, thick hair on my body, never ending hormonal acne that ruined my self esteem, frequent headaches/ migraines and severe brain fog.

Mirena IUD Crash, panic attacks, thyroid, anxiety, dizziness

Janel’s Story

Janel shares details of her Mirena crash. She asks: “Who knows how long it’ll be, if at all, that I’ll be able to recuperate from this horror.”

Mirena, IUD, Surgery, Uterus Perforation,

Rhandi’s Story Update

If I could go back in time, I never would have received the Mirena. I sleep all day trying to heal from the surgery and the mental anguish this experience has caused. They found the device lodged between my rectum and uterus. Luckily it didn’t perforate any other organs.

Mirena IUD, pain, torture,

Rhandi’s Story

I received the Mirena nearly two weeks ago. The pain of insertion was very similar to labor pains. It was intense and I was in shock after. Why is female pain ignored and disregarded as we’ll get over it or get use to it?

copper iud, paragard, copper toxicity, painful periods, heavy bleeding

Kelly’s Story & Question on Copper Toxicity

I got the cooper iud inserted in December of 2018. Since then my periods are horrible. So painful and bloody.

Mirena IUD, weight gain, moody, leg swelling pregnancy

Melinda’s Story

I am now heavier than every before and it just doesn’t stop. I also get extreme swelling in my legs, especially towards the end of the day. Not sure, but I feel it’s related to the Mirena. Messing with my hormones or something. Doing my own research because the doctors say it’s in my head and just my dietary habits,

Copper IUD, Paragard, anxiety, depression, migraines

Krystin’s Story

It is 2021.. there should be other options for women who can’t take non hormonal birth control. Options other than surgery or options that dont take away from the fun and feeling when making love with your partner. Anyways, glad I could finally share my story. I hope this helps someone like reading others stories has helped me.

Mirena IUD, migraines, dizziness, acid reflux

Angel’s Story

I am tired, don’t sleep well, and have pain. I never had these issues and did not even consider it being my IUD until recently, now I am thinking I need to have it removed. I have found several articles about not common side effects and it looks like I have most of them. Anyone else have any of this happen to them?

Jennifer’s Story

I feel very awkward to not know my personal, to become real person who i am and I am acting so weird to happy, less fatigue, which the chemical birth control that out of me.

iud, vomiting, hair loss, dizziness, spinning

Kamila’s Story

The doctor told me that my IUD was as good as if i were driving a Mercedes. I told him to remove this Mercedes immediately !!!! all symptoms have passed …

Copper IUD, Copper Toxicity, Paragard, fainting, hyperventilation

Esme’s Story

This is Esme’s story about Paragard, the copper IUD. Her body reacted immediately to the copper and within a couple of weeks she had the IUD removed. Esme reminds women to always listen to their body, it will always let you know when something is wrong.

Copper IUD, Paragard, depression, PMS, PMDD

Jenna’s Story

I have also felt depression brain fog mood swings and all the intense hormonal fluctuations that one might feel on a hormonal birth control. Before I got the copper IUD I had a very light three day period and my PMS was extremely manageable. I do now believe that the copper IUD has been poisoning me and I had no idea this whole time.

copper IUD, paragard, hair loss

Shawtai’s Story

I am noticing my hair is thinning I had no idea it was the iud causing it until I just happened to run across this website while looking up the risk of getting pregnant with the iud. Wow I am really shocked
now and worried about my hair. 😲

paragard, mirena, migraines, hysterectomy, copper toxicity

Sandra’s Story

I’ve always struggled with fatigue and chronic pain and inflammation from autoimmune diseases, but they gradually became worse while I had ParaGard. Later that year, I ended up getting diagnosed with HPV and the doctor found atypical squamous cells on my cervix, neither of which were there before ParaGard. They also found uterine fibroids which also weren’t there before ParaGard (to my knowledge), which explains the heavy periods. I ended up having a hysterectomy in 2019.

stérilet au cuivre, copper IUD

Pauliana’s Story

Ne faite pas confiance en la médecine traditionnelle écouter votre corps et votre instinct au risque d’avoir de gros regrets.

Mirena IUD, Weight Gain, Migraines, Headaches

Kelly’s Story

I removed my iud myself. I didn’t want it in me anymore when I found a thread with thousands of women claiming the same things that was happening to me.

NuvaRing, vaginal ring, pulmonary embolism, pseudo cerebri

Sylvia’s Story – Vaginal Ring

Nuvaring has ruined my life, first I almost died from a pulmonary embolism. Now I have to live the rest of my life with pseudo cerebri

mirena iud, migraines, depression, anxiety

Michelle’s Story

The next week I went into the gynocologist office requested he remove the Mirena, that I was having panic attacks and extreme anxiety. He LAUGHED AT ME! Said it was all in my head and in his 20 years of placing IUDs he’s never heard that before. I was on the verge of tears and just told him to go ahead and take it out and he did. His advice? “Find a better therapist”. I was in shock and cried the entire way home. How could he be so dismissive?! Don’t let the doctors tell you it’s in your head.

brain fog, depression, suicidal thoughts, Mirena IUD

Sonja’s Story

During a visit with my family doctor during which I could not stop crying, I mentioned that these feelings seemed to correlate with the time during which I’d had the second Mirena IUD. Although he had never heard of depression as a side effect of contraception before, he agreed to remove the IUD.

copper iud, suicide, pain, yeast infection, mental health,

Brie’s Story

I knew I needed to get on some sort of birth control, and I had already tried almost everything else, so I opted for the non-hormonal option. The vaginal ring caused EXTREME pain during intercourse, the patch caused depression and the pill caused pain with intercourse as well. After these other attempts with various contraceptives I had contemplated the copper IUD before but never pulled the trigger, but this time I felt like I had no choice so I did it.

paragard, copper, birth control, anemia, fibroids, heavy bleeding, hysterotomy

Krystal’s Story

Eventually the birth control was expelled from my body. But the heavy flow continued. About 1 year later I was diagnosed with mild anemia, and soon after, having so much pain went to the ER and found that I had a fibroid growth and sadly had to have a hysterectomy or live with constant pain.

mirena Iud, weight gain, depression, anxiety, bloatedness

Taulara’s Story

I wish I had known about this page prior to getting Mirena. But, why would I think to look up a page on negatives and side effects when everything the Dr tells you and that you see online tells you how amazing it is?! Then every time you THINK you are having a problem related to it and call a doctor or look online they tell you it’s not and you feel crazy and like it’s in your head?

coppes,r, iud, paragard, sepsis, heavy bleeding

Libby’s Story

I have an appointment in the next few days to get my IUD removed but will possibly need surgery for this. I have also been told they do not know the extent of the damage that has been caused, but this will be discussed in my upcoming appointment. If i can give anyone advice Please listen to your body!! Do not take no for an answer, nobody knows your body like you. From the moment i got my IUD fitter It has caused me nothing but pain and distress. Please think and research thoroughly before agreeing to have this put inside your body.

kyleena, ovarian cysts, cramping, severe pain, swollen breasts, physical, mental trauma

Madison’s Story

If I had known that the “light cramping” was actually severe traumatic pain, I never would have gone through with this procedure. I know that women have very different experiences with IUDs, some positive, some negative. But, across the board, the story of the sever pain upon insertion is the same. Not every woman has the same story, but every woman’s story starts with this chapter.

paragard,, copper iud, depression, anxiety, hair loss, chronic fatigue

Shani’s Story

You can’t tell me the IUD wasn’t the cause, because within 3 months of taking it out my anxiety and depression were gone!!! It’s been 5 years and my hair is back to normal I’m pretty much symptom free except for some extra weight still hanging on and a bit of inflammation in my joints. But I’ll take that compared to the hell I was living in before.

Coil, hair loss, weight gain, heavy bleeding

Hannah’s Story

I should add that I’m a yoga teacher and three times that excessive bleeding happened during classes. It was extremely traumatic and I really caution anyone against taking the doctors word for it as being a contraceptive solution.

Copper IUD, Restless Leg Syndrome, Heavy Periods, Depression

Sophie’s Story

I’ve been having restless legs every night to the point of not being able to sleep. Last time I had restless legs was during my pregnancies so I was freaking out that I could be pregnant, which I’m not. For it being a non-hormonal contraceptive, I am 99% sure that it’s the reason that I’ve had terrible(!!!) mood swings

Paragard, IUD, Copper IUD, hair loss, acne. weight gain

Chloe’s Story

Then my hair started falling out in chunks. My skin was broken out into awful and painful cysts. My periods were heavy and painful and I’d bleed through a super plus tampon in an hour.

ParaGard, Copper IUD, weight gain, breast pain

Mary’s Story

I could not figure out why I had the sudden and large increase in weight gain and the sensitive breasts. While my weight has leveled off and is now 138lbs, I am still very frustrated and embarrassed by my size. I finally decided to really dig deep into the internet and search for more answers. And that’s where I found more information about how a copper IUD can affect a woman. And thus I started putting the pieces together.

Kyleena, Hair Loss, Vaginosis

Nicole’s Story

I feel like I was never given the proper information to make an informed decision about the IUD. Many of the side effects that presented themselves in trials and are listed in the device literature were not communicated to me by my doctor, including hair loss. I’ve since realized that putting a foreign object in my body was not a great idea—it’s something I regret everyday.

Mirena IUD - migraines - anxiety attacks loss of sex drive -

Ashley’s Story

I went from being a happy , optimistic, pain free person , to depressed, crippling anxiety attacks, severe abdominal pains and migraines. The last two months have been torture. I am very in tune with my body, and I know without a doubt that this is being caused by the mirena iud I am scheduled to have it removed January 21 and I cannot wait. I do not recommend this iud for anyone. It’s not worth it.

Copper IUD, ParaGard, Restless Leg Syndrome, Weight Gain

Dayna’s Story

I believe I gained weight around my stomach along with the normal effects of copper IUD.

Paragard, copper IUD, copper toxicity,

Teria’s Story

I have paragard the copper implanted in the summer of 2007 after the birth of my daughter. I kept it for 10 years, and during those ten years I experienced many side effects.

ParaGard, Copper iud, weight loss, copper toxicity, sex drive

Sage’s Story

I wish doctors would inform people of the possible side effects. The fact that my symptoms got worse over time leads me to believe the copper was building up too much in my body.

Mirena IUD - Heart attack, Panic attack, numbness in limbs, shaky s, vertigo,

Chelsea’s Story

I would just cry and scream to my husband that he needed to admit me to a mental hospital if it continued much longer.

After reading women's testimonials, it finally dawned on me- I have even suffering since it was inserted the first time- an ENTIRE year! I then called my doctor and he laughed at me and hung up. I called right back to demand it be removed

Taeja’s Story

I had to stop working and stop driving. It led to dark throughts , laying on the couch 24/7, panic attacks, weight gain, insulin rejection, IBS to only name a few.

Kate's Story on the Mirena IUD - weight gain, panic attacks, migraines

Kate’s Story

I am determined to get my life back. 1.5 years of this living hell but I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Mirena IUD - painful breast cysts, migraines, insomnia, anxiety, hair loss and depression

Kara’s Story

I had a Mirena IUD inserted back in 2016 and the first 2 years were great. It wasn’t until the 3rd year did I begin to have so many weird symptoms. Such as painful breast cysts, migraines, insomnia, anxiety, hair loss and depression.

Olivia’s Story

This was my fourth copper IUD. I had several health problems during my twenty-five years with the coil, mainly migraines, persistent aura, IBS and anxiety, but not once did I think that the coil was causing these health problems.

Liletta IUD - I ended up with a blood clot behind my knee, gained weight, brain fog, headaches, heavy bleeding, nonstop periods, severe pain in my legs, and an infection

Crystal’s Story

I had Liletta for 3 months and suffered in so many ways. I ended up with a blood clot behind my knee, gained weight, brain fog, headaches, heavy bleeding, nonstop periods, severe pain in my legs, and an infection. I had never had so many health problems in my life.

Mirena IUD, migraines, depression, weight gain

Heather’s Story

Extremely bad depression, anxiety and mood swings-which I rarely had before and a huge weight gain. 220 to 279. Had it removed because of all the side effects

Nexplanon, PMDD, Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder

Alexis’ Story

Finally, a few months later, I was diagnosed with Premenstrual Dyphoric Disorder (PMDD), to which I credit pumping synthetic carcinogenic hormones under the alias of “Contraception”.

Headaches, intense brain fog where I can’t focus for the life of me, intense fatigue, arms going numb, forgetfulness, irritability, pelvic pain, abdominal pain and get this - MULTIPLE UTIS. We (partner and I) paid a visit to a urologist and when it came up I had an IUD, he immediately said to get it removed.

Izabella’s Story

Headaches, intense brain fog where I can’t focus for the life of me, intense fatigue, arms going numb, forgetfulness, irritability, pelvic pain, abdominal pain and get this – MULTIPLE UTIS. We (partner and I) paid a visit to a urologist and when it came up I had an IUD, he immediately said to get it removed.

Mirena and Kyleena IUD and hair loss

Jade’s Story

My dilemma here is I’m not sure if I should be blaming the Kyleena for the hair loss or if my hair is returning back to its normal thickness (or thinness) that it was before I had the NuvaRing.

Mirena IUD andsevere hair loss and scalp pain, cystic acne, joint pain, dizziness and fainting spells, neuropathy, fatigue, severe mood swings, vision changes, burst ovarian cyst, horrible brain fog, panic attacks, shortness of breath, and chest pain

Meaghan’s Story

I had the Mirena. The first thing I noticed when I knew something was wrong was my hair loss. This was the first of many horrible symptoms that led me to 12 different doctors and spending over $8,000 in a year.

Mirena IUD and hair loss, anxiety hear palpitations,

Caitriona’s Story

I had the mirena for 5.5 years when it was removed. Its been a year and a year since removal and my hair never came back not even a little bit

Experiencing a stroke on the NuvaRing

Jennifer’s Story

My doctor knew I was 35 and I smoked she never mentioned the risks. On September 29 I had a stroke and was rushed to the hospital and put in a medically induced coma.

Mirena IUD and hair loss

Emily’s Story

I’ve had dense, thick hair all my life and to experience this amount of thinning in such a short time felt off. I firmly believe it has something to do with the Mirena.

nuvaring, miscarriage, ischemic stroke

Lisbeth’s Story – Vaginal Ring

I starting using nuvaring after a miscarriage. I didn’t want to get pregnant without planning. After aprox 3 years using it with no side effects I had a schemic stroke. I was 28 years old. Almost killed me,

Heather's experience with the Mirena IUD, anxiety, panic attacks, cramping, bloating, cysts, cystic acne

Heather’s Story

I know my story may not be like yours but I hope some of my testimony will help you realize that yes we are not crazy , and even if your ultrasounds are “fine” and your pelvic exams are “fine” your pain and suffering is your body telling you something.

copper iud, depression, anxiety, brain fog

Jasmine’s Story

At the end of the three year period, my IUD started rejecting and I had to get it removed. Within a month of removal, I started to notice a new engagement in my environment.

mirena iud, depression, anxiety, weight gain, PCOS, Hashimotos

Tanya’s Story

My gynecologist told me about the Mirena and he explained to me that it would be 5 years without period, obviously after suffering from heavy periods and cramps that would take me down, it was like a dream coming true!!!

mirena iud, weight gain, hair loss, blood clots

Caroline’s Story

My world will never be the same. I’m a different person. I’m not who I was and my confidence is gone. I now bleed all month long again and I’m looking for a new Gynae. Do your research girls because this device is lethal. No one should have to go through this rubbish, ever! 2 years of suffering and it was all unnecessary. Speak up for your body!

pelvic pain, bladder pain, urethra pain, copper iud

Lacey’s Story

My symptoms were long and unnoticed by all who know me. I have been having pelvic pain/bladder/urethra for 5 months. I am finally realizing it’s my iud

NuvaRing, pulmonary embolism, blood clots

Kim’s Story – Vaginal Ring

September 30, 2013 is the day the doctor told me and my husband that I shouldn’t be sitting here listening to what happens next. My doctor looked me in the eyes, and said you should be dead……..He stated you must have a strong heart and God must really want you to live. He then explained to us, together, that the NuvaRing that I have had been on for 3 years now had cause me to have bilateral pulmonary embolism. Each one of the embolisms, that were the size of a baseball, went though my heart and landed in each of my lungs. The road to recovery was a long one.

weight loss, hair loss. irritable bowl syndrome

Patricia’s Story

I had a copper iud inserted immediately after having a termination 19 years ago I am know 56 years old.Nothing really physical changed other than slightly heavier periods.But I became very depressed which hasn’t left me in all that time I have tried numerous antidepressant medication over the years.

mirena, iud, placenta, baby death

Kelli’s Story

It is time for me to share my story about what happened to my Daughter, Lyla June. The good, the bad and the ugly truth. You’ve probably heard it from my friends and family, maybe my ex in his own words, acquaintances or the bits and pieces I have shared over the last two years. This post is not to bash any doctors, or to place blame on anyone, but to really bring awareness of this silent killer many people may not be aware of. I have felt compelled and inspired by many women to finally share my story.

mirena, iud, vasectomy, nausea, diarrhea, hot flashes

Elizabeth’s Story

February is when all hell broke loose. Two emergency room visits in one week with racing off the chart heart rate, skyrocketing blood pressure, nausea, diarrhea, hot flashes, loss of appetite. It was just chalked up to anxiety, and I was prescribed anti anxiety medications. These episodes have continued since then. I’ve never dealt with anxiety before and it is by far the worst feeling in the world, I do not wish this on anyone.

mirena, iud, headaches, suicidal

Stephanie’s Story

My OBGYN recommended the Mirena to try and stop extremely heavy bleeding during my periods. They were occurring so frequently and I was loosing so much blood that I was in and out of the ER due to severe anemia.

Skyla IUD, hair loss, cramping, cystic acne, weight gain, severe cramps

Malorey’s Story

So I got my Skyla about 14 months ago (June 2019). The insertion was just about the worst pain I’ve ever experienced… until the debilitating, now chronic, low back pain set in. The cramping was godawful for many days/weeks/months after, but I kept telling myself my body just needed to adjust. About 5 months after insertion, during which I had…

paragard, copper iud, fibroid

Alison’s Story

…the nurse practitioner had been pulling on the unwound copper wire that had worked its way through my cervix and into my vaginal cavity!

Nicole’s Story

I have a very long iud story. It started 2 1/2 years ago when I went to go have my IUD inserted three weeks after having my daughter. I have had an emergency C-section, that C-section had abscessed and created a 5 inch deep wound in my stomach. My doctor assured me it was OK to go ahead and insert…

Lexy’s Story

I got my IUD place on March 1st of 2017 by the end of April I had lost somewhere between 15-20 lbs. we had just found out that our house that we were renting had sold and we were very stressed finding somewhere else to live. We were blessed with a friend who opened his home to us in this…

Laura’s Story

After being on the pill for years, I started going to a new gyno who told me I couldn’t be on that pill because of my migraine and headaches and the risk that poses for having a stroke. He also told me I couldn’t be put on anything hormone related, come to find out from a second opinion 2.5 years…

Emily’s Story

When I got my hormonal IUD put in two years ago I felt a sharp pain on the right side of my body. My doctor told me an “expert” would be inserting it when really she was a student. I had the IUD for five weeks and multiple doctors later before it was taken out. I went for an ultrasound,…

Naomi’s Story

  I got my first Hormonal IUD 2 months before I turned 19. Getting it in was the most painful experience I’ve even had. It felt like someone blew my up with air and I couldn’t breath. As soon as I left I had severe pain and heavy bleeding to the point where I couldn’t do anything but lay in…

bloating iud expelled fatigue brain fog cramping

Audrey’s Story

My first round with Paragard, I expelled it after only a few months and was in the ER with horrible pain as one arm was expelled from my cervix. Being someone that doesn’t do well with hormones, I tried it again. I have had this one for 18 months and my periods are so sporadic and so heavy that I…

iud side effects brain fog confusion intelligence loss libido energy passion depression panic attacks mental health mood swings anger emotional

Faizah’s Story

My Copper IUD experience… I had my IUD fixed in 2015 after my third child. I had it for 4years and 6 months. I was only told about about cramps and heavier bleeding, which was okay by me. I felt good with it up until about two years after, when I noticed my sense of intelligence was diminishing, I was…

liletta hormonal iud reaction weight gain depression anxiety worse iud side effects birth control

Karissa’s Story

After suffering a miscarriage in July 2018,My fiancé and I decided to put me on birth control as I did not want to get pregnant because I was heartbroken from my miscarriage.I chose to get the Liletta IUD and that was a huge mistake! It is now June 2020 and have been on it for almost 2 years.My anxiety and…

copper iud paragard copper coil copper toxicity depression, negative thoughts, anxiety, over reacting, bad pms

Chelsea’s Story

I had the paragraph iud, and no one told me the side effects or risks. I made an appointment and within the week I went to get it inserted. At the appointment the doctor couldn’t get it in right so she was pulling out and putting it back in until it was right. It was the most painful experience of…

iud reaction paragard copper coil toxicity iud mental health panic attack fear racing thoughts paranoia can't breath depression anxiety mood swings puddle of sweat itching scratching heart rate hair thinning hair loss negativity

Caroline’s Story

2018 & 2019 The 2 years I lost. The 2 years I worried my friends and family and the 2 years I sometimes thought not waking up wouldn’t be such a bad thing. I was 40 years and had never had anxiety or depression in my life. I was known as the happy person, the girl who would go to…

iud heart attack panic attack trouble breathing mirena hair loss breakdown

Amanda’s Story

I had Mirena put in July of 2019. One day in October out of nowhere I started feeling dizzy, like I was going to faint, crazy high heart rate, trouble breathing and intense fear. I thought I was having a heart attack and called 911. I thought I was going to die. They said it was a panic attack. All…

acne iud panic disorder ocd thought pattern negative thoughts losing my mind hormones

Tess’s Story

I started the pill when I was 13 years old due to acne. A few months after I got diagnosed with a panick disorder. I didn’t make the connection since I was so young. Especially particular about this anxiety was a sort of dark OCD thought pattern that arose. I never had experienced a feeling of having thoughts that aren’t…

copper coil paragard iud numbness tingling hands feet legs sharp pain constipation back pain abdominal pain constant shoulder hip pain dizzy brain fog irritable

Laura’s Story

The Summer of 2017 was ‘when I got ill’, for three years. It was also when my copper coil was inserted. It started with strange feelings in my hands that were difficult to describe; a sort of numbness, tingling, heavy, aching feeling. I also started feeling sluggish throughout the day and completely exhausted in the evenings. The exhaustion always took…

blood clots mirena iud dizzy gained weight breasts sore anxiety panic attacks cant leave house heart palpitations cyst dnc

Dorind’s Story

Hello I had the merina in for 8 months and it was the worst experience I’ve ever had. I bled for the full 8 months in and out of the hospital, losing golf ball blood clots and I always had a dizzy head. I have gained 25 pounds in weight and my breast and always sore to the point I…

mirena iud cortisol mind racing alert stressed depression anxiety panic

Daiana’s Story

Well, I started with Mirena on october 2018. I bleed for 1 or 2 months. But the worst was the anxiety and depresssion. I felt like I was Always under stress and alert. My mind couldn’t rest. So I read a paper linking Mirena to cortisol. That was Enough for me. After almost 2 years having drugs for depression and…

severe pain iud couldn't go to work job normal activities side effects doctors denied

Anonymous Story

I let my OBGYN talk me into getting an IUD to manage my heavy bleeding caused by fibroids. My body can’t tolerate birth control pills, and I’m not ready for a hysterectomy, so an IUD felt like the only option. Insertion was painful, but bearable. The months of severe pain that followed were not. My doctor repeatedly dismissed my pain,…

angry emotional suicidal thoughts depression bloating weight gain mirena iud removed

Adrianne’s Story

I was convinced by my doctor to do the Mirena since I was done having children but not ready for either my spouse or myself to be permanently “fixed”. I spotted on and off for a couple months after placement but never actually got my period. A month after it was put in, I attempted to jump out of a…

copper iud paragard doctors wouldnt listen complications side effects reaction refuse to remove pain cysts strings hurt sex so much bleeding doctors didnt care wont remove iud

Amanda’s Story

I got my IUD 8 weeks after giving birth to my youngest child. Everyone was pushing for it. I saw ads for it, people made tshirts and kooky little art of IUD’s being women’s liberation. Every appointment leading to the birth, I was asked by nurses and Drs if I was going to get the IUD, anything but “yes” was…

copper iud paragard brain fog lack of focus panic attacks depression anxiety trouble exercising fatigue confusion copper toxicity reaction

Nicole’s Story

I couldnt even keep my copper IUD in for a month. I started experiencing deep depression, anxiety, mental fog, and felt as if I was watching myself do some things. I had problems with memory and focus and trouble feeling in the moment. I felt a disconnect from things around me. I also could no longer exercise because i became…

iud reaction weight gain anxiety, headaches, liletta

Sylvia’s Story

I thought this was the best birth control option for me but if i knew what I know now I would have never chose to use liletta. I had it for 2.5 years and at th1 year mark I noticed the change in my stomach, constantly bloated my stomach would be flat in the morning and by 12pm I looked…

iud reaction pain in side iud misplaced insurance removal c-section surgery to remove iud camera lost

Amber’s Story

I got the iud 6 weeks after the birth of my first son because I was recommended to by the doctor and my fiancé so I took the chance. A couple of weeks after I got it inserted I felt a sharp pain in my side and after talking to my doctor he decided to see my 2 weeks later…

iud alert side effects health complications allergic reaction copper toxicity hormonal iud intrauterine device birth control larc contraceptive prescription mirena heart palpitations cystic acne hair loss panic attacks anger anxiety painful sex

Rachel’s Story

I wanted to share my story because I was told by doctors that my symptoms were not related to my birth control and that what was happening to me was just part of getting older. I want to share this in hopes that someone experiencing any or all of the things I did know that they are not alone. In…

iud alert side effects health complications allergic reaction copper toxicity hormonal iud intrauterine device birth control larc contraceptive prescription

Andrea’s Story

The IUD was hell. I call it the devil. Firstly loss of libido, hair loss, weight gain, then increasing depression and anxiety, then sleep deterioration and heart palpitations, a sense of depersonalisatiin etc, insomnia ….All ignored by the doctors and made me feel like I was making it up. I am sure big pharmaceuticalsmaking $$$$ out of making us so…

iud alert side effects health complications allergic reaction copper toxicity hormonal iud intrauterine device birth control larc contraceptive prescription paragard copper thyroid weight gain

Brooke’s Story

Paraguard was the worst decision I have ever made in my life! I’ll start out by saying I am a registered nurse with a lot of experience in health care. I got it placed April 3, 2019. I wasn’t experiencing too many side effects other than pain in my abdomen and spotting which is normal. Fast forward to late August,…

iud alert side effects health complications allergic reaction copper toxicity hormonal iud intrauterine device birth control larc contraceptive prescription

Flavia’s Story

I had Liletta placed almost a year ago. It was a painful experience and on top of that I started having yeast infection a week after. Bled for 6 months and after that I bleed every often (several times in a month) dr said this is normal and should wait a year until my body gets used to this. It’s…

iud alert side effects health complications allergic reaction copper toxicity hormonal iud intrauterine device birth control larc contraceptive prescription dizzy spells blurry vision mood swings

Jennifer’s Story

I’ve had mood swings and very blurry vision and dizzy spells. I got my mirena 1/23/2020 for endometriosis and still currently have it but am considering getting it removed. I’ve also passed large masses. I even took pictures of them but the doctor didn’t seem concerned at all. Read more testimonials.

iud alert side effects health complications allergic reaction copper toxicity hormonal iud intrauterine device birth control larc contraceptive prescription depression mental health

Szilvia’s Story

My name is Szilvia. I am a 40-year-old quality manager and mother of two little children, living in Germany. Not long ago I found the Natural Womanhood site when searching birth-control side effects while on the copper IUD. I found so much important information in an article by Kathleen Taylor, who cited the podcast of Julie Casper on the topic.…

iud alert side effects health complications allergic reaction copper toxicity hormonal iud intrauterine device birth control larc contraceptive prescription dizzy spells mood swings pain

Kelsey’s Story

I was doing what thousands of women do daily—perhaps even what you’re doing right now: late at night, Googling another symptom that I was sure was tied to the new form of birth control I was on. . . After my daughter was born, my midwives encouraged me to try a copper IUD ParaGard as a hormone-free method of birth…

iud alert side effects health complications allergic reaction copper toxicity hormonal iud intrauterine device birth control larc contraceptive prescription almost passed out near death scary iud experience shortness of breath dizzy weak in legs

Cheyenne’s Story

All I can say in a nutshell about life: You do not know what life is until death comes knocking at your door. Back in my home country of Malaysia, I used to work in the TV and advertising industry. But now living in South Africa I cannot work because of my Visa, even though I am married to a…