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copper iud, depression, anxiety, brain fog

Jasmine’s Story

At the end of the three year period, my IUD started rejecting and I had to get it removed. Within a month of removal, I started to notice a new engagement in my environment.

mirena iud, depression, anxiety, weight gain, PCOS, Hashimotos

Tanya’s Story

My gynecologist told me about the Mirena and he explained to me that it would be 5 years without period, obviously after suffering from heavy periods and cramps that would take me down, it was like a dream coming true!!!

mirena iud, weight gain, hair loss, blood clots

Caroline’s Story

My world will never be the same. I’m a different person. I’m not who I was and my confidence is gone. I now bleed all month long again and I’m looking for a new Gynae. Do your research girls because this device is lethal. No one should have to go through this rubbish, ever! 2 years of suffering and it was all unnecessary. Speak up for your body!

pelvic pain, bladder pain, urethra pain, copper iud

Lacey’s Story

My symptoms were long and unnoticed by all who know me. I have been having pelvic pain/bladder/urethra for 5 months. I am finally realizing it’s my iud

NuvaRing, pulmonary embolism, blood clots

Kim’s Story

September 30, 2013 is the day the doctor told me and my husband that I shouldn’t be sitting here listening to what happens next. My doctor looked me in the eyes, and said you should be dead……..He stated you must have a strong heart and God must really want you to live. He then explained to us, together, that the NuvaRing that I have had been on for 3 years now had cause me to have bilateral pulmonary embolism. Each one of the embolisms, that were the size of a baseball, went though my heart and landed in each of my lungs. The road to recovery was a long one.

weight loss, hair loss. irritable bowl syndrome

Patricia’s Story

I had a copper iud inserted immediately after having a termination 19 years ago I am know 56 years old.Nothing really physical changed other than slightly heavier periods.But I became very depressed which hasn’t left me in all that time I have tried numerous antidepressant medication over the years.

mirena, iud, placenta, baby death

Kelli’s Story

It is time for me to share my story about what happened to my Daughter, Lyla June. The good, the bad and the ugly truth. You’ve probably heard it from my friends and family, maybe my ex in his own words, acquaintances or the bits and pieces I have shared over the last two years. This post is not to bash any doctors, or to place blame on anyone, but to really bring awareness of this silent killer many people may not be aware of. I have felt compelled and inspired by many women to finally share my story.

mirena, iud, vasectomy, nausea, diarrhea, hot flashes

Elizabeth’s Story

February is when all hell broke loose. Two emergency room visits in one week with racing off the chart heart rate, skyrocketing blood pressure, nausea, diarrhea, hot flashes, loss of appetite. It was just chalked up to anxiety, and I was prescribed anti anxiety medications. These episodes have continued since then. I’ve never dealt with anxiety before and it is by far the worst feeling in the world, I do not wish this on anyone.

mirena, iud, headaches, suicidal

Stephanie’s Story

My OBGYN recommended the Mirena to try and stop extremely heavy bleeding during my periods. They were occurring so frequently and I was loosing so much blood that I was in and out of the ER due to severe anemia.

Skyla IUD, hair loss, cramping, cystic acne, weight gain, severe cramps

Malorey’s Story

So I got my Skyla about 14 months ago (June 2019). The insertion was just about the worst pain I’ve ever experienced… until the debilitating, now chronic, low back pain set in. The cramping was godawful for many days/weeks/months after, but I kept telling myself my body just needed to adjust. About 5 months after insertion, during which I had…

paragard, copper iud, fibroid

Alison’s Story

…the nurse practitioner had been pulling on the unwound copper wire that had worked its way through my cervix and into my vaginal cavity!

Nicole’s Story

I have a very long iud story. It started 2 1/2 years ago when I went to go have my IUD inserted three weeks after having my daughter. I have had an emergency C-section, that C-section had abscessed and created a 5 inch deep wound in my stomach. My doctor assured me it was OK to go ahead and insert…

Lexy’s Story

I got my IUD place on March 1st of 2017 by the end of April I had lost somewhere between 15-20 lbs. we had just found out that our house that we were renting had sold and we were very stressed finding somewhere else to live. We were blessed with a friend who opened his home to us in this…

Laura’s Story

After being on the pill for years, I started going to a new gyno who told me I couldn’t be on that pill because of my migraine and headaches and the risk that poses for having a stroke. He also told me I couldn’t be put on anything hormone related, come to find out from a second opinion 2.5 years…

Emily’s Story

When I got my hormonal IUD put in two years ago I felt a sharp pain on the right side of my body. My doctor told me an “expert” would be inserting it when really she was a student. I had the IUD for five weeks and multiple doctors later before it was taken out. I went for an ultrasound,…

Naomi’s Story

  I got my first Hormonal IUD 2 months before I turned 19. Getting it in was the most painful experience I’ve even had. It felt like someone blew my up with air and I couldn’t breath. As soon as I left I had severe pain and heavy bleeding to the point where I couldn’t do anything but lay in…

bloating iud expelled fatigue brain fog cramping

Audrey’s Story

My first round with Paragard, I expelled it after only a few months and was in the ER with horrible pain as one arm was expelled from my cervix. Being someone that doesn’t do well with hormones, I tried it again. I have had this one for 18 months and my periods are so sporadic and so heavy that I…

iud side effects brain fog confusion intelligence loss libido energy passion depression panic attacks mental health mood swings anger emotional

Faizah’s Story

My Copper IUD experience… I had my IUD fixed in 2015 after my third child. I had it for 4years and 6 months. I was only told about about cramps and heavier bleeding, which was okay by me. I felt good with it up until about two years after, when I noticed my sense of intelligence was diminishing, I was…

liletta hormonal iud reaction weight gain depression anxiety worse iud side effects birth control

Karissa’s Story

After suffering a miscarriage in July 2018,My fiancé and I decided to put me on birth control as I did not want to get pregnant because I was heartbroken from my miscarriage.I chose to get the Liletta IUD and that was a huge mistake! It is now June 2020 and have been on it for almost 2 years.My anxiety and…

copper iud paragard copper coil copper toxicity depression, negative thoughts, anxiety, over reacting, bad pms

Chelsea’s Story

I had the paragraph iud, and no one told me the side effects or risks. I made an appointment and within the week I went to get it inserted. At the appointment the doctor couldn’t get it in right so she was pulling out and putting it back in until it was right. It was the most painful experience of…

iud reaction paragard copper coil toxicity iud mental health panic attack fear racing thoughts paranoia can't breath depression anxiety mood swings puddle of sweat itching scratching heart rate hair thinning hair loss negativity

Caroline’s Story

2018 & 2019 The 2 years I lost. The 2 years I worried my friends and family and the 2 years I sometimes thought not waking up wouldn’t be such a bad thing. I was 40 years and had never had anxiety or depression in my life. I was known as the happy person, the girl who would go to…

iud heart attack panic attack trouble breathing mirena hair loss breakdown

Amanda’s Story

I had Mirena put in July of 2019. One day in October out of nowhere I started feeling dizzy, like I was going to faint, crazy high heart rate, trouble breathing and intense fear. I thought I was having a heart attack and called 911. I thought I was going to die. They said it was a panic attack. All…

acne iud panic disorder ocd thought pattern negative thoughts losing my mind hormones

Tess’s Story

I started the pill when I was 13 years old due to acne. A few months after I got diagnosed with a panick disorder. I didn’t make the connection since I was so young. Especially particular about this anxiety was a sort of dark OCD thought pattern that arose. I never had experienced a feeling of having thoughts that aren’t…

copper coil paragard iud numbness tingling hands feet legs sharp pain constipation back pain abdominal pain constant shoulder hip pain dizzy brain fog irritable

Laura’s Story

The Summer of 2017 was ‘when I got ill’, for three years. It was also when my copper coil was inserted. It started with strange feelings in my hands that were difficult to describe; a sort of numbness, tingling, heavy, aching feeling. I also started feeling sluggish throughout the day and completely exhausted in the evenings. The exhaustion always took…

blood clots mirena iud dizzy gained weight breasts sore anxiety panic attacks cant leave house heart palpitations cyst dnc

Dorind’s Story

Hello I had the merina in for 8 months and it was the worst experience I’ve ever had. I bled for the full 8 months in and out of the hospital, losing golf ball blood clots and I always had a dizzy head. I have gained 25 pounds in weight and my breast and always sore to the point I…

mirena iud cortisol mind racing alert stressed depression anxiety panic

Daiana’s Story

Well, I started with Mirena on october 2018. I bleed for 1 or 2 months. But the worst was the anxiety and depresssion. I felt like I was Always under stress and alert. My mind couldn’t rest. So I read a paper linking Mirena to cortisol. That was Enough for me. After almost 2 years having drugs for depression and…

severe pain iud couldn't go to work job normal activities side effects doctors denied

Anonymous Story

I let my OBGYN talk me into getting an IUD to manage my heavy bleeding caused by fibroids. My body can’t tolerate birth control pills, and I’m not ready for a hysterectomy, so an IUD felt like the only option. Insertion was painful, but bearable. The months of severe pain that followed were not. My doctor repeatedly dismissed my pain,…

angry emotional suicidal thoughts depression bloating weight gain mirena iud removed

Adrianne’s Story

I was convinced by my doctor to do the Mirena since I was done having children but not ready for either my spouse or myself to be permanently “fixed”. I spotted on and off for a couple months after placement but never actually got my period. A month after it was put in, I attempted to jump out of a…

copper iud paragard doctors wouldnt listen complications side effects reaction refuse to remove pain cysts strings hurt sex so much bleeding doctors didnt care wont remove iud

Amanda’s Story

I got my IUD 8 weeks after giving birth to my youngest child. Everyone was pushing for it. I saw ads for it, people made tshirts and kooky little art of IUD’s being women’s liberation. Every appointment leading to the birth, I was asked by nurses and Drs if I was going to get the IUD, anything but “yes” was…

copper iud paragard brain fog lack of focus panic attacks depression anxiety trouble exercising fatigue confusion copper toxicity reaction

Nicole’s Story

I couldnt even keep my copper IUD in for a month. I started experiencing deep depression, anxiety, mental fog, and felt as if I was watching myself do some things. I had problems with memory and focus and trouble feeling in the moment. I felt a disconnect from things around me. I also could no longer exercise because i became…

iud reaction weight gain anxiety, headaches, liletta

Sylvia’s Story

I thought this was the best birth control option for me but if i knew what I know now I would have never chose to use liletta. I had it for 2.5 years and at th1 year mark I noticed the change in my stomach, constantly bloated my stomach would be flat in the morning and by 12pm I looked…

iud reaction pain in side iud misplaced insurance removal c-section surgery to remove iud camera lost

Amber’s Story

I got the iud 6 weeks after the birth of my first son because I was recommended to by the doctor and my fiancé so I took the chance. A couple of weeks after I got it inserted I felt a sharp pain in my side and after talking to my doctor he decided to see my 2 weeks later…

iud alert side effects health complications allergic reaction copper toxicity hormonal iud intrauterine device birth control larc contraceptive prescription mirena heart palpitations cystic acne hair loss panic attacks anger anxiety painful sex

Rachel’s Story

I wanted to share my story because I was told by doctors that my symptoms were not related to my birth control and that what was happening to me was just part of getting older. I want to share this in hopes that someone experiencing any or all of the things I did know that they are not alone. In…

iud alert side effects health complications allergic reaction copper toxicity hormonal iud intrauterine device birth control larc contraceptive prescription

Andrea’s Story

The IUD was hell. I call it the devil. Firstly loss of libido, hair loss, weight gain, then increasing depression and anxiety, then sleep deterioration and heart palpitations, a sense of depersonalisatiin etc, insomnia ….All ignored by the doctors and made me feel like I was making it up. I am sure big pharmaceuticalsmaking $$$$ out of making us so…

iud alert side effects health complications allergic reaction copper toxicity hormonal iud intrauterine device birth control larc contraceptive prescription paragard copper thyroid weight gain

Brooke’s Story

Paraguard was the worst decision I have ever made in my life! I’ll start out by saying I am a registered nurse with a lot of experience in health care. I got it placed April 3, 2019. I wasn’t experiencing too many side effects other than pain in my abdomen and spotting which is normal. Fast forward to late August,…

iud alert side effects health complications allergic reaction copper toxicity hormonal iud intrauterine device birth control larc contraceptive prescription

Flavia’s Story

I had Liletta placed almost a year ago. It was a painful experience and on top of that I started having yeast infection a week after. Bled for 6 months and after that I bleed every often (several times in a month) dr said this is normal and should wait a year until my body gets used to this. It’s…

iud alert side effects health complications allergic reaction copper toxicity hormonal iud intrauterine device birth control larc contraceptive prescription dizzy spells blurry vision mood swings

Jennifer’s Story

I’ve had mood swings and very blurry vision and dizzy spells. I got my mirena 1/23/2020 for endometriosis and still currently have it but am considering getting it removed. I’ve also passed large masses. I even took pictures of them but the doctor didn’t seem concerned at all. Read more testimonials.

iud alert side effects health complications allergic reaction copper toxicity hormonal iud intrauterine device birth control larc contraceptive prescription depression mental health

Szilvia’s Story

My name is Szilvia. I am a 40-year-old quality manager and mother of two little children, living in Germany. Not long ago I found the Natural Womanhood site when searching birth-control side effects while on the copper IUD. I found so much important information in an article by Kathleen Taylor, who cited the podcast of Julie Casper on the topic.…

iud alert side effects health complications allergic reaction copper toxicity hormonal iud intrauterine device birth control larc contraceptive prescription dizzy spells mood swings pain

Kelsey’s Story

I was doing what thousands of women do daily—perhaps even what you’re doing right now: late at night, Googling another symptom that I was sure was tied to the new form of birth control I was on. . . After my daughter was born, my midwives encouraged me to try a copper IUD ParaGard as a hormone-free method of birth…

iud alert side effects health complications allergic reaction copper toxicity hormonal iud intrauterine device birth control larc contraceptive prescription almost passed out near death scary iud experience shortness of breath dizzy weak in legs

Cheyenne’s Story

All I can say in a nutshell about life: You do not know what life is until death comes knocking at your door. Back in my home country of Malaysia, I used to work in the TV and advertising industry. But now living in South Africa I cannot work because of my Visa, even though I am married to a…