Amanda’s Story

I had Mirena put in July of 2019. One day in October out of nowhere I started feeling dizzy, like I was going to faint, crazy high heart rate, trouble breathing and intense fear. I thought I was having a heart attack and called 911. I thought I was going to die. They said it was a panic attack. All my labs, ekg, chest X-ray, catscan, were all normal and they said I was fine. I went to my pcp and they put me on mental health medication. My psychiatric NP says it could be estrogen dominance. I have tried many meds with no success, which would make sense if it were hormonal not organic mental health imbalance. I have had panic attacks ever since and hair loss. My life has been ruined. I’ve felt like I am going crazy, spinning out of control and having a full on mental breakdown. I’ve even considered psychiatric hospitalization. Before Mirena I lost my best friend and my grandpa who was like my dad in a 6 month period and had none of these issues. It only started after Mirena. I got it out 3 weeks ago and just want to be me again!

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