Jennifer’s Story

True Story with birth control and warning other women who I really care about. Please please do not use the IUD that has chrome with iron which your body trying to but your brain blocked.

Jennifer's IUD StoryCannot believe how much it changed this week last May 28th Friday,
~ the IUD already expire due but I thought it’s lost in me no idea where it is… body alert me last month to be warning to increase to swing mood, fatigue, nausea, cry and angry with my old expired inside me.

Yes I needed my husband’s support to comforted me, due emotion. I had no idea what’s going on and it’s changed worse. So I went to doctor last week, and found a lost inside me. 6 years!!!

I felt turn out very low emotion and become less angry i am seen very weird to them and they got scare of me what’s happened to me when I came home to see my family, they puzzled, I smile. I feel very awkward to not know my personal, to become real person who i am and I am acting so weird to happy, less fatigue, which the chemical birth control that out of me.

This is picture when I was in alert body I cannot handle to struggling to cry and very emotion is real…… My friend says to my husband oh gosh Majd I cannot believe you stay with Jennifer for 6 years are amazing me… husband is very happy to have his old wife back

My son woke me up very early than he thought where I was going to say but I was tired to get up and walking, look at my son I didn’t think I turn smile. He asked mom, you seems weird that you are happy?

My friend came visit me where I was cooking dinner I dance when I eating, he puzzled think I’m weird. I didn’t think again oh me? Well it’s me!

My husband confused with my personal that, that and that because I’m positive and smile where he thought I was going to. I said huh? No I don’t do that….

I met people, I think all people are weird because of smile and laughing so annoying me where I was in normal to habit but I laugh and I think I’m weird too.

A week later I’m still good! I’m amazed and it is still awkward to learn about my personality.  Now I remember my old ways when I was 18. Welcome back Jennifer!

I want to share with you a little more how i found it out due bleeding for a month that I thought iud is not in me. I was speechless and shock that doctor found.    I had dizzying when start bleeding. Now I’m no longer dizzy.


Submitted on June 6, 2021 

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