Amanda’s Story

I have had two IUDs. The first was Lyletta. I got it inserted in 2016 at my 6 week post partum check up. During my time with the Lyletta IUD, I experienced terrible migraines to the point that my primary Dr ordered me to have a brain MRI. The migraines were interfering with my life.

I also experienced fatigue, I felt as though I could not wake myself up. A lot of times I felt drunk (that’s the only thing I can compare the feeling I experienced throughout my body). I gained a significant amount of weight, going from 137 to 155. I still ovulated, which was very painful. I believe I was also having ovarian cysts; the extreme one-sided pain that would last hours or days until finally it felt as though something burst and the pain would fade away. I finally decided to get the Lyletta removed (after talking to my gynecologist several times and she insisted that my symptoms were not from the IUD). After removal in 2019, I lost weight quickly and all symptoms resolved.

A couple years later, in 2021, I had another baby. After discussing birth control options (which I hated because it seems like every option for females has terrible side effects. Also, I was previously on a birth control pill, and still conceived my second daughter) we decided to try an IUD one more time and go with the Kyleena. Shortly after implantation, symptoms were happening again. I gained 11 pounds in 3 months no matter what I did. Migraines and fatigue returned. I started feeling depressed because of my weight gain. The drunk feeling returned. Intercourse with my husband was painful, and I would bleed every time afterwards. I still had my periods and they were very irregular. I experienced a significant amount of anxiety (I’m sure the pandemic contributed to that as well). I was not going to wait years to have this IUD removed. So only 6 months after I got the Kyleena, (12/07/2021) I had it taken out. Since removal, I have already lost 7 pounds, 166 being my weight on the day of removal- and I am now 159lbs. My headaches, fatigue and anxiety have subsided; even my husband says I’m completely different and more laid back. However, this time, only a day or two after removal, I started bleeding- very bad. (TMI warning!) It got to the point I was getting scared and wondering if I should go to the doctor. I was frequently passing large blood clots; bigger than a lime in size. I was bleeding a very large amount in a short amount of time. I finally got ahold of my gynecologist and she prescribed me a birth control pill and instructed me to do a “birth control taper” to get the bleeding to stop. Take 3 birth control pills 3x a day, then 2 pills 3x a day, then go to 1 pill 1x a day. That did stop the bleeding, but I still don’t feel right about any birth control. Women get poor options and forced to choose what we feel is the lesser evil. Terrible side effects and potentially life threatening reactions. Birth control is not a “one size fits all”. It’s dangerous.

Submitted on January 4th, 2022 

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