Cassandra’s Story

Hi! I wanted to list my side effects here from my Mirena IUD (5 year). [2015-2020]

Early on:
Mood swings, particularly heinous during periods and ovulation. Not as bad as when on the pill but close.
Worsening social anxiety and depression to the point where it was moderately severe.
After 3 years:
Panic attacks with no previous history of them. Since removal I have had 0.
After 4 years:
Couldn’t drink alcohol without getting extra depressed the next day with no previous history of this.
After 4.5 years:
Migraines starting at the base of left ear that crept up the side of my head, progressively traveling higher for several months.
Hot flashes.
Higher than normal-for-me blood pressure (my normal is lower than most people’s).

Additionally may/may not be attributed to IUD/ highly suspect:
Around year 3.5:
Increased dermatitis issues on the scalp and back of neck. Increased sensitivity to soy (previously only a IBS sensitivity that progressed to mild food allergy.)
Year 5:
By the time I got it out I couldn’t eat anything made using a soy product/by product. Also increased sensitivity to pollen and fruits and veggies that has since subsided outside of Springtime.

Thank you for your time,

Submitted on August 25, 2021 

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