Heather’s Story

I had my Mirena IUD put in Sept. 2018 and taken out Feb. 2019. During that time, I had sever joint pain, ovarian cyst-which I never had before, extremely bad headaches.. worse then migraines, hip and leg pains, hair thinning, pimples, cold sore-which I never had before. Extremely bad depression, anxiety and mood swings-which I rarely had before and a huge weight gain. 220 to 279. Had it removed because of all the side effects. I’m now been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and inflammation athirst, gall bladder issues-where I produce too much stomach bile. I was consider healthy and normal before I had the IUD put in. Worse mistake I ever made. My health is horrible, can’t lose the weight, depression and mood swings are still bad and now I’m still in consent pain.

Submitted December 14, 2020

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