Brittany’s Story

I WILL NEVER BE PUT BACC ON BIRTH CONTROL AGAIN! & i do not recommend it😩😩😩😩

January 6, 2022 I had my mirena iud put in which was supposed to help with my PCOS & endometriosis ,2 weeks after I started experiencing the worst fuccen pain in my life and chalked it up to “there might be some discomfort and pain for a few weeks while your body adapts to the changes “. Shortly after that I ended up going to the ER complaining of pelvic pains and everything tf else i was feeling they told me they couldn’t find the strings or see the fuccen iud, we ran test and did scans for them to tell me although my iud is shifted nd tilted it’s stills there so it’s not a “concern “ to them but I had kidney stones . I was sent home and told to reschedule! I just fuccen moved so I made an apt at planned parenthood to see if they’ll take the fuccen thing out ! February 15 I go for them to tell me they can’t see the fuccen thing AT ALL ! So we once again run test ! This time they tell me “the iud has shifted and is now starting to stab my uterus and I have to see a specialist because trying to remove it can be a serious problem I was put on “bed rest” until further notice while waiting on a call from a specialist which NEVER fuccen came . It took me blowing up they phone for the past 2-3 days for them to cmb and tell me I can’t see a specialist to get it removed until MARCH 14th! A whole fuccen month away ! And I’m supposed to just here literally dying because NOBODY is doing anything about it. It hurts to walk ! It hurts to move ! It hurts to laugh! Sometimes I wake up and can’t even feel my legs for a coo minute. This shiit is a dangerous!

Submitted on February 20, 2022 

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