Jennifer’s Story

I was put on Nuvaring in 2006 to have regular periods not to prevent pregnancy because I have always been told there was a 95% chance I could not have children. My doctor knew I was 35 and I smoked she never mentioned the risks. I was always given dr samples which had no warning on the package.

On September 27 2009 I had a bad earache and just figured it was my sinuses. On September 28 I had a bad headache and went to the doctor and my blood pressure was really high and they diagnosed me with Swine Flu.

On September 29 I had a stroke and was rushed to the hospital they didn’t have the capabilities to deal with a stroke patient and the nearest stroke hospital was full so I was put in a medically induced coma and air lifted 2 hours away. When I made it to rehab I couldn’t walk or write so I had to relearn how to do this. I have not taken any form of birth control since.

Submitted on November 4, 2020

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