Amanda’s Story

Just wanted to share my experience with Paragard while breastfeeding to hopefully help anyone because I couldn’t find any info online. I had Paragard after my first birth in 2009 for 10 years. I had horrible pms and mood swings but didn’t know at the time it was from the “hormone free” IUD. Fast forward now I am 4 months pp and nursing my baby. Got the Paragard inserted 3 weeks ago. For the last 2 weeks I have been completely irritable, bloated, pmsing. Then this last week my milk supply has tanked. Baby also started getting a rash when fed that went away shortly after feeding. Drs said no way could any of it be from the “hormone free” iud. I initially tried cutting out certain foods but was confident that wasn’t it because I eat real clean and haven’t made any changes. I had to fight for it but got my dr to remove it this morning and immediately felt better. The car ride home I was already back to my cheerful self that I haven’t been in 3 weeks. All of this discomfort is gone that I didn’t even realize I was feeling until now that I feel better. Baby nursed twice and no rash. I’m at work now and finally pumped 4 oz! The last week i wasn’t getting more than 2 oz but prior to this I was getting between 5-6 oz so hoping to get back there fast! It was hard to make the decision to remove the iud because drs and internet all say those symptoms couldn’t be related. Luckily I recognized the pms/mood swings from my last experience and that’s enough to know something wasn’t clicking. Thanks for reading, take care!

Submitted on October 13, 2021 

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