Real women raising awareness about IUDs’ problematic side effects and health complications.

Real women raising awareness about the problematic side effects of IUDs and their associated health complications.

We give voice to your stories about using IUDs, because we care about your pain. We care about the anxiety, the cramps, the many days of bleeding, the mood swings, and all of the other changes you’ve been experiencing since getting the IUD…

What you’re feeling is real, and we want other women to know that.

We want all women to feel empowered to make informed healthcare choices.

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We want to know what you’re going through with the Copper or Hormonal IUD. We want you to have an open space where you can share your story and experiences, as well as support other women who feel unheard in their struggles with the IUD; women like you, who are also being told that what they are going through is not “real,” or is somehow “in their heads.” Sharing your experience can help other women recognize if they’re having a serious reaction to the IUD, and feel less alone on this journey.

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If you have experienced a negative side effect or health complication due to the copper IUD, hormonal IUD, vaginal ring, Depo Provera, or other contraceptives, sharing can help other women recognize if they’re having a serious reaction and feel less alone on this journey.

IUD Side Effects and Health Complications

Thinking of getting an IUD? Learn more about the side effects and health complications reported by women, experts, and clinical studies.




Hi everyone! Here’s my story with the Mirena: I was on the combination pill for six years and had “seemingly” no side effects. I liked the idea of being on less hormones and I had a lot of...

Submitted on April 11, 2022


When I got DEPO shot I thought I was getting mad, my mental health was highly affected, I had seizure and I was ever dizzy, confused, brain fog, anxiety, horrible mood swings...

Submitted on May 14, 2022

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Information about safe, side effect-free, modern and effective natural birth control options.