Many women experience problematic side effects and health complications from IUDs and other pharmaceutical contraceptives. This is a website by and for women to raise awareness about these effects and equip women to make more informed healthcare choices.


Read what real women have shared about their birth control side effects.

DEpo, mental health, seizures, anxiety

Justin’s Story – Depo Injection

When I got DEPO shot I thought I was getting mad, my mental health was highly affected, I had seizure and I was ever dizzy, confused, brain fog, anxiety, horrible mood swings, I ended up going for CT scan which came back normal, I ended up going to ER coz of panic attacks from depo, I thought I was not gonna make it, I had dental issues, eyes stabbing issues, bone pain, legs pain, I thought I was getting stroke,

Copper IUD, Paragard, Depression, Anxiety

Cressida’s Story

I have not personally had the IUD or experienced its effects but I have clients that have had problems with it due to the copper that leaches into the body. Copper when it is unbound gets stuck in organs and the brain and can cause many ill effects including depression, fears, brain fog etc. It will deplete zinc and cause calcium to rise as well. Many problems with it – women must detox from this and we help them with mineral analysis using hair tests to see whats going on.

Nuva ring, Mirena IUD, panica Attacks, weight gain, personality change

Irina’s Story

With the NuvaRing, I used it for two separate time periods. Both times, I experienced debilitating anxiety and panic attacks. I would break down frequently throughout the week and became obsessive over things my partner was/wasn’t doing, or events in life that were/weren’t happening. It pushed me close to emotional paralysis and psychosis. I relied on valerian root extract to help calm me down throughout the day.

With Mirena, I have gained 40 pounds over the course of 3 years.


Have you experienced a negative side effect or health complication due to the copper IUD, hormonal IUD, vaginal ring, or other contraceptives? Sharing your experience can help other women recognize if they’re having a serious reaction and feel less alone in their experiences.

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Many women are told the side effects and health risks of birth control are better than getting pregnant. But this is not supported by the facts.