Many women experience problematic side effects and health complications from IUDs and other pharmaceutical contraceptives. This is a website by and for women to raise awareness about these effects and equip women to make more informed healthcare choices.


Have you experienced a negative side effect or health complication due to the copper IUD, hormonal IUD, vaginal ring, or other contraceptives? Sharing your experience can help other women recognize if they’re having a serious reaction and feel less alone in their experiences.


Read what real women have shared about their birth control side effects.

Nuva Ring, blood clots, birth control

Jennifer’s Story – vaginal ring

“…one nurse was admitting me while another nurse was hooking me up to an EKG, this was my first indication something was BAD wrong, within minutes I was getting a CT scan and an ultrasound on my leg. My left leg was full of clots. I am overall healthy, young, and a healthy weight for my height. There is no reasonable explanation for me to have such severe clotting.”

Paragard, Copper IUD, depression, PMDD

Denise’s Story

I spoke with the doctor and explained that my symptoms are probably attributed to the copper IUD since I had not made any significant modifications in my life. She told me that it’s improbable that the copper IUD is causing the problems, and she prescribed the Yaz birth control pill to “regulate my moods”. The doctor refused to swap my IUD because she thought inserting the Mirena would create more physical pain that would produce the same results. She basically told me that it’s unlikely that the Mirena would solve my mood issues.

Copper IUD, depression, anxiety, weight, libido, vision

Cynthia’s Story

I got the Copper IUD 4 years ago. 30 days after my 4th baby born. I really don’t believe in hormonal BC so I decide to try the copper IUD. As soon I got the IUD I experienced bloating and gaining weight but I didn’t connect the dots because I just had a baby. Then muscle pains, knees pain. Really heavy periods but my doctor explain that could happen so I thought a little price to pay for my convenience. But this devil started showing his true colors in November 2019.

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Many women are told the side effects and health risks of birth control are better than getting pregnant. But this is not supported by the facts.