You might be wondering… Is there a family planning solution that is effective and not hormonal?

We have good news: Yes, there is!

Fertility Awareness Methods (FAM) are modern, evidence-based methods of charting one’s menstrual cycle, through observable biological signs unique to each woman. Charting helps a woman know more about her hormones and overall health, and exactly when she is naturally fertile and when she is not.

With the information obtained by observing and charting certain biomarkers of fertility, a woman is equipped to reach her family planning goals with high rates of effectiveness.

Does it work?

Yes, modern methods of fertility awareness are effective in avoiding or achieving pregnancy. Fertility Awareness is often misunderstood (here’s a hint: it’s not the “Rhythm Method!”) and is a great way to approach family planning, with effectiveness rates equal to those of the birth control pill.

Be aware that:

1. Fertility Awareness requires practice.
2. You have to pay attention to your body.
3. You need a committed partner.
4. There is a learning curve; you need a trained professional to teach you.

FAM has a lot of benefits, apart from avoiding pregnancy.

Free 15-minute phone consultation with the Natural Womanhood guidance program

Natural Womanhood, our parent organization, offers a free 15-minute phone consultation where you can talk about your situation, goals, and lifestyle.

Making the decision to seek a doctor’s advice or to pursue a specific fertility awareness training program can be overwhelming.

Sometimes a brief live conversation with an expert advisor who can really listen and understand your needs and who can clarify the information you may have read online is a huge benefit.

This 15-minute consultation with one of our volunteer advisors can guide you through the next steps, no strings attached. These advisors are women who are licensed fertility awareness instructors. All of them offer extensive experience in helping women reach their goals.

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Guidance Consultation form (For United States residents only)

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