You might be wondering… Is there a family planning solution that is effective and not hormonal?

We have good news: Yes, there is!

Fertility Awareness Methods (FAM) are modern, evidence-based methods of charting one’s menstrual cycle, through observable biological signs unique to each woman. Charting helps a woman know more about her hormones and overall health, and exactly when she is naturally fertile and when she is not.

With the information obtained by observing and charting certain biomarkers of fertility, a woman is equipped to reach her family planning goals with high rates of effectiveness.

Does it work?

Yes, modern methods of fertility awareness are effective in avoiding or achieving pregnancy. Fertility Awareness is often misunderstood (here’s a hint: it’s not the “Rhythm Method!”) and is a great way to approach family planning, with effectiveness rates equal to those of the birth control pill.

Be aware that:

1. Fertility Awareness requires practice.
2. You have to pay attention to your body.
3. You need a committed partner.
4. There is a learning curve; you need a trained professional to teach you.

FAM has a lot of benefits, apart from avoiding pregnancy.

1. Couples who use Fertility Awareness as a method of family planning have a more fulfilling relationship, feel freer and healthier.

2. FAM helps you monitor and understand your health. It can help identify hormonal imbalances, and teach you more about your body, no matter your stage of life.

3. FAM is the only form of family planning that can be used to effectively avoid OR achieve pregnancy! How? Because it teaches you to correctly identify ovulation.

Is FAM the Calendar Method or the Rhythm Method?


Scientific research has helped doctors understand with great precision how to pinpoint the time of a woman’s ovulation even when she has irregular cycles. Based on this research, methods of tracking and charting your fertility cycle have been designed that help you know what days you could get pregnant if you have sex.

It takes only a few minutes of daily observations to know with a high degree of accuracy where you are in your cycle. Some of these scientific observations are cervical mucus, urine hormone detection, basal body temperature, and cervix position. Don’t worry, these are easy to track and chart.

Why is my medical professional telling me that FAM won’t work for me?

The same reason why they tell you the IUD is perfect for you even though you are feeling sick and having complications…

Big Pharma owns the Industry. Unfortunately, the official position of media and medical organizations is aligned with big pharmas’ strategy and funding. Those organizations don’t favor what’s outside their methods.

How long does it take to learn FAM?

It will take you about three months to learn it and become confident with interpreting your body’s signs. Our trained advisors may help you set up a plan to learn it before or after you get the IUD removed.

Is FAM only for religious people?

No! Women from any background are using these methods, realizing it's better for their health.

I am “irregular” and my cycle is “different.” Would FAM work for me?

Yes. Every woman equally needs to understand the signs of her body and have the guidance of her FAM teacher. An irregular cycle is also often painful and not normal and these experts and FAM medical professionals will help make it healthier.

Is FAM challenging to learn?

After you learn a method from a professional who gives you the necessary follow-up you need, it becomes very natural to you. It is like practicing a sport. It has a learning curve. As you practice it every day, you become healthier and better at it.

FAM instructors help women feel confident with:

1. Identifying your fertile and infertile days,
2. Building a charting routine that fits your lifestyle,
3. Meeting your family planning and health goals,
4. That their needs—whether health or family planning related—will be met

Where can I start learning FAM?

We can put you in touch with a professional advisor team. Natural Womanhood, our parent organization offers a free 15-minute phone consultation where you can talk about your situation, goals, and lifestyle. The team of advisors will help you choose a FAM that’s right for you, with the Natural Womanhood Guidance Program.

Free 15-minute phone consultation with the Natural Womanhood guidance program

Natural Womanhood, our parent organization, offers a free 15-minute phone consultation where you can talk about your situation, goals, and lifestyle.

Making the decision to seek a doctor’s advice or to pursue a specific fertility awareness training program can be overwhelming.

Sometimes a brief live conversation with an expert advisor who can really listen and understand your needs and who can clarify the information you may have read online is a huge benefit.

This 15-minute consultation with one of our volunteer advisors can guide you through the next steps, no strings attached. These advisors are women who are licensed fertility awareness instructors. All of them offer extensive experience in helping women reach their goals.

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