Adrianne’s Story

angry emotional suicidal thoughts depression bloating weight gain mirena iud removed

I was convinced by my doctor to do the Mirena since I was done having children but not ready for either my spouse or myself to be permanently “fixed”. I spotted on and off for a couple months after placement but never actually got my period. A month after it was put in, I attempted to jump out of a moving pickup. This was vwry alarming to me as I have NEVER been suicidal like this before. I pushed ot off to just being overly stressed. However, it never stopped! So many days when I was driving, I would wish a vehicle would plow into me. At about the same time that my feelings changed, I noticed I started gaining weight. I worked out 5-7 times a day and ate healthy! I even worked with a coach thinking what else can I do. Finally I just couldn’t do it anymore. Seven months later I had enough of it. I was always angry for no reason. So bloated I felt like I was 8 months pregnant. I sat and cried because my daughter asked for help with her homework. I called my ob the next day and they removed it. Theee days later I started feeling like my old self. No more bloating or suicidal thoughts. I also started to lose weight again! Only regret is that i didn’t take it out sooner. I kept telling myself my body just had to adjust to it.

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