Andrea’s Story

The IUD was hell. I call it the devil.

Firstly loss of libido, hair loss, weight gain, then increasing depression and anxiety, then sleep deterioration and heart palpitations, a sense of depersonalisatiin etc, insomnia ….All ignored by the doctors and made me feel like I was making it up.
I am sure big pharmaceuticalsmaking $$$$ out of making us so sick. In NZ handing them out like lollies. It is criminal for heavy bleeding. It is a toxic steriod. It was 1/2 way out of my body.
Upon removal bleed soooooo much it was traumatic for me for 2 months. My body ridding itself from that toxic shit. My mood also went down.
I felt suicidal. Has given me ptsd.
I will never forgive Bayer for inventing this terrible device with such toxic and detrimental health side effects. I ended up having a hysterectomy because of this device.
I regret listening to gynocologist and doctors everyday and should of listened to my instincts instead. How that can stay within the uterine wall like it is sold. It is barbaric we are tortured with this evil device.
I have never had my health back.
Bayer you are SATAN.

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