Caitriona’s Story

I had mirena inserted in june 2013. About a year later I noticed my hair thinning but I didn’t make a big deal of it as I had thick hair anyway. For the next 4 years we bought a house, got married, went foreign and more. I started to notice the thinning getting worse. I also suffered with terrible anxiety and heart palpitations. I went to my GP to be told, its not the coil its hereditary. Its not on the female side of the family and there’s less men with baldness so I knew it wasn’t hereditary. It took 3 years of begging and pleading to be listened to. I had the mirena for 5.5 years when it was removed. Its been a year and a year since removal and my hair never came back not even a little bit. My crown is see through but the rest is fine. I wish I had never gotten the coil.

Submitted: November 12, 2020 

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