Finally figured out that Mirena was the issue after talking to my Cardiologist- Carla’s Story

I’m sitting here crying because I feel like I’m going crazy. I hadn’t been on any birth control for over 10 years. Earlier this year I had 2 cardiac stents placed and was put on Plavix (blood thinner) and my life changed forever.

My hemoglobin dropped to 7.7 and I had to get Mirena to help with my heavy periods in June. Ever since then, I have been to the ER about 20 times thinking I’m having a heart attack and they find nothing. I get dizzy all the time, walking or sitting. Anxiety and depression are 10x times worse, to the point of panic attacks. Frequent feeling of a UTI, increased urination, back pain, Bacterial infections, and Uterine infection and weakness in my legs.

Finally figured out that mirena was the issue after talking to my Cardiologist…smh. I had it taken out on 9/23/21 and immediately got extremely dizzy, was like a shock to my body. Felt better but not 100%. Now I’m having bleeding, I feel like this thing messed my body up and it may take weeks to feel like normal….just tired of it

Submitted on September 26, 2021

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