Cynthia’s Story

I got the Copper IUD 4 years ago. 30 days after my 4th baby born. I really don’t believe in hormonal BC so I decide to try the copper IUD. As soon I got the IUD I experienced bloating and gaining weight but I didn’t connect the dots because I just had a baby. Then muscle pains, knees pain. Really heavy periods but my doctor explain that could happen so I thought a little price to pay for my convenience. But this devil started showing his true colors in November 2019. With blurry vision, brain fog ( it was like my mind was in cloud), pain in my legs, constipation, rash, UTI, dry skin. I contacted my doctor and he just prescribed me for constipation and for my infection. And one of the side effects that I didn’t pay attention was LOW LIBIDO I found out because my husband started complaining. But the bad symptoms came in March 2020 with the pandemic. We were living in Germany in that time and we were in quarantine for 3 straight months without living the house just to buy essentials. It’s when my mind start with a rollercoaster. Depression, anxiety, insomnia, OCD, no feelings, hair loss, weigh lost, no appetite, no energy at all, I cannot even push the vacuum, lower back pain. I spent a lot of time trying to find answers. My doctor just prescribed me antidepressants and refuse to do a hormonal test that I requested because he just said I’m to young to suffer with hormonal imbalance. I didn’t listen to him and I paid over my pocket. When I got the results I was in shock I had the level of a menopause woman. I know something is causing that. I don’t know how can explain to you but one day I was sitting on my couch and came to my mind about the Copper IUD connection. It was when I found a lot groups talking about copper toxicity. In every story I can identify myself. I don’t waste time and I called my doctor to schedule a removal. She asked why and told her because my heavy period. That’s it. Now, I’m 6 months post removal and 80% of my symptoms disappear. I’m so thankful that this site exists.


Submitted on November 10, 2021 

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