Emma’s Story – Depo Injection

Where do I begin?

Hi, I’m Emma and I’m here to tell you how Depo Provera is a monster and how it ruined me. Ruined me with only three injections. It started the year of 2019, in the month of November. I made an appointment with my gynecologist to talk about the options of birth control.

After years and years of being on birth control, the pill, the patch, the implant and then finally I decided to I try Depo Provera. I got my first shot the day of my appointment without really discussing it or researching anything due to the fact I was made to believe that it would “cure” me. I was made to believe it would stop the constant period pains, the constant nausea and vomiting, the constant fatigue and basically every side effect a women can have due to their menstrual cycle. Everything up until my second injection was fine, smooth sailing. I had an actual what I thought at the time, a “normal” cycle. I started developing migraines, stomach pains and cramps, IBS symptoms such as constipation and on occasion diarrhea. If I had to be honest, I didn’t think anything of it besides that it was just my body getting used to It and adverse side effects. Shame on me, I went back 3 months later, late in January and got my second injection. This time things were worse. A few weeks after my second injection I landed in the emergency room with severe stomach pains and constipation. I never followed up with my gynecologist as instructed due to the fact once again, I thought it was my body adjusting.

Fast forward another 3 months. Early April. I got a 3rd injection. A few weeks after that injection, I got bored and had extra time so started researching up on Depo Provera. I was starting to see so many women (like me) complaining about the same issues. In August I got what would be my last and final injection.

November of 2020, I never went back for a for a 5th injection and never even scheduled a follow-up appointment for blood work because I was so irritated and frustrated. Since my last injection, I live in days of complete hell. Severe fatigue, random body pains, off and on dizziness, stomach and back pains, numerous times vomiting and overall, just feeling like crap. These last few months have been awful. Numerous times back and forth to the hospital specifically the emergency room. Since then, I have been diagnosed with ovarian cysts, IBS and not to mention the chronic fatigue. I truly hope this story inspired and educated other women how dangerous and monstrous Depo Provera is.

Ladies, there are so many things I wish I knew about Depo Provera before I got the shot. Depo has ruined me, chronically, physically, and emotionally. Take this as a lesson.

Submitted on December 9, 2021

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