Medical Gaslighting, Joint Pain, and Severe Fatigue. Mirena Crash-Fiona’s Story

I had a Mirena iud twice in my life. I was not told about any possible side effects, so I was largely unable to understand the full effects each time. Each time I raised concerns, the doctors fully denied any association whatsoever. Mostly, I just felt alone & like I was the problem.

My first Mirena IUD was in place for 1 year. I experienced severe joint pain & severe fatigue. I had it removed in order to become pregnant. Years later, I had another Mirena iud placed in order to treat heavy, painful bleeding. Concerning symptoms began almost immediately.

I had it removed after one month. I then experienced a full Mirena crash. It was the worst experience of my life. No doctor understood at all.

I was sent to a psychiatrist who did his best to help me & to listen to my concerns. I felt traumatized & also mistreated & ostracized by local medical services. I have very severe joint pain in my hips & neck. I had increasingly severe symptoms involving insomnia, night terrors, high blood pressure, blurry vision, fear & anxiety. The Mirena crash involved a severe, deep depression.

Two obgyns & two doctors have labeled me as a problem patient & a liar. Without the support of my Facebook IUD support group, my recovery & health may not have been as positive. I still struggle & when this comes up at doctor appointments, I am treated poorly anew.

Submitted on September 22, 2021 

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