“Had my Mirena IUD put in August 14th, 2023…” Heather’s Story

Had my Mirena IUD put in August 14th, 2023… After two weeks of what they say was “normal spotting” I basically begged the office to remove it. The answer was no of course. Fast forward to November.. Started having problems with Brain Fog, forgetfullness, dizziness, depression, anxiety.. Feeling blank. Went to my OB thinking I had PPD. After telling him all the symptoms, and thinking it was just PPD, and Anxiety. He asked me if he could go ahead, and remove it, and i’ll have a follow up in a month.. So far it’s been two days, and i’m sort of feel like myself again. Still having moments of feel feeling blank, and having brain fog. I feel for everyone that’s been through this! I feel like i’m losing my mind.

Submitted on: 2023/12/06