Megan’s Story

I had the mirena iud inserted due to endometriosis. Within a day or two of insertion I was so anxious and irritable, I didn’t want to live in my own body anymore. Even though I tried my hardest, I couldn’t help but keep snapping at my poor sweet 3 year old daughter. I would go to bed trembling in absolute fear. I deal with anxiety, but nothing of that magnitude!! I also was extremely tired. The fatigue was so severe, trying to stay awake made me feel nauseous. I had to choice but to avoid napping due to being a single mom. I demanded it get removed and the anxiety dissipated quickly, but I have been bleeding profusely for about three days now after removal. More than I ever have bled during any of my menstrual cycles. Never again!!


Submitted on August 28, 2021 

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