I was constantly tired and moody, and all my joy was gone. Dawn’s Story

I had Paragard inserted February and thought it was going to be an amazing thing to take a break from being pregnant for a while -that’s what I was told anyway.

Little did know…..

I started bleeding about 20 days out of the month to start. My periods were not normal, they were coagulated blood, not flowing at all. I had painful intercourse. Then the anxiety and depression set in. I had never experienced anxiety or anything of the sort before in my life. And migraines came suddenly. I was having migraines about three times a week and they would start over 3 or 4 times a day with all the awful symptoms. I couldn’t take a deep breath. I was constantly tired and moody, and all my joy was gone. I was sicker then I had ever been in my entire life. I lasted 8mo before I made the correlation and I told them to yank the thing out.

When I went to get it out I was asked if I wanted to try M or another form of BC. (Absolutely not!) The doctor that took it out waved it in my face after it was out and asked if I wanted it for “the baby book.” I noticed that instead of it being the bright copper color, it had turned dark/brownish/blackish already. It had only been 8mo since it was put in. What had it done to my body in that short time?

Submitted on January 23, 2022

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