Moved IUD and IUD Mirena brain fog-Shelly’s Story

My experience with the Mirena IUD the last about 7 years has been hell on my body.

When I first got it inserted (2015) after I had my daughter (2014), it turned me into a complete psychopath for almost 2 years.

And then when I found out i was pregnant with my son the IUD had moved and was lodged in the left side of my uterus and my uterus was growing over the IUD. After I had my son I got another IUD (2017).

Same thing turned into a psycho, bad depression, anxiety, migraines, nausea, extreme mood swings, hair falling out, zero energy and more severe symptom started beginning of this year… brain fog (confusion, forgetfulness, and a lack of focus and lack of mental clarity). Even my vision was getting bad and blurred. I constantly felt sick in my body and my mind.

Past 9 months I been seeing doctors doing blood tests on pretty much all my organs and all tests came back normal, I even seen a neurologist for him to tell me I’m just stressed and that’s what is causing brain fog. So I’ve just been living with this ” sickness”. Until Tuesday ( Sept 21,2021) night I googled “IUD Mirena brain fog”. Actual horror stories from millions of women experiencing the same things I have been.

The more I googled the more I found that the IUD causes intracranial hypertension which is basically increase of brain fluid putting pressure on the brain. (False brain tumor basically). I got it removed on Wednesday (Sept 22 2021) and I already feel a difference in my mind and body.

Obviously, my body needs time to heal after all these years but I needed to share this because I legit felt like I was losing my mind dealing with this pretty much by myself tryna live my life as normal as I could manage most days.

The joys of what women have to endure 😒

Submitted on September 28, 2021

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