Story submission 10/08/2020

I was referred to my Gynae after heavy, month long periods (causing anemia), blood clots and bloating exactly 2 years ago. After scans, I was found to have a larger than normal duplex uterus full of fibroids. The Gynae said that at 43, I need to come off the pill, an ablation was not an option, and Mirena was my only option before having a hysterectomy. I was given no information, although I did give her my history of acne, ptsd and weight issues. Apparently the Mirena would be perfect. It was inserted after a D&C under sedation. After 2 months, I noticed weight gain of 5kg. My Gynae said that although women reported weight gain, there was no scientific evidence to suggest it was caused by the Mirena. 4 months in, half my hair had fallen out, I had aggressive cystic acne, struggled with my emotions, had eczema and ballooned 12kg. I was gutted. Not being able to take 6 weeks off for a hysterectomy, I endured the emotional and physical torment until I could take no more. After 6 months of the Mirena, I returned to my Gynae. She was a bit speechless and told me that I had had a rare reaction to the Mirena and it needed to come out immediately. She pulled it out and and my Gynae said I can just go on the pill. I questioned what she said as she initially told me I needed to be off the pill. She said that wasn’t the case. So back on the pill I went. It took 4 months for my period to return. My hair grew back very slowly, the eczema instantly disappeared, the bloating disappeared, I experienced the Mirena crash and the weight hardly moved. Strangely enough, the fibroids are back only 8 months post removal and my Gynae has said I can just see my GP now. My world will never be the same. I’m a different person. I’m not who I was and my confidence is gone. I now bleed all month long again and I’m looking for a new Gynae. Do your research girls because this device is lethal. No one should have to go through this rubbish, ever! 2 years of suffering and it was all unnecessary. Speak up for your body!