“I already had anxiety and depression prior to iud however my spouse said this thing made me a “different person””. Heather’s Story

**My disclaimer is that I had a perfectly healthy reproductive system prior to Mirena iud insertion**
I had the mirena copper iud .I would be googling my symptoms daily for years as my doctor refused to take accountability for my health/wellness and how that was in direct correlation with this iud. All I can tell you ladies is LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. I had the iud for 5 years I had gained 30+weight, my hair was thinning/falling out, total sex drive loss,extreme fatigue, ALWAYS bloated, joints hurt/swelled I developed aggressive cystic acne that plagued my ENTIRE face , mind you prior to having this iud I had relatively perfect skin. I already had anxiety and depression prior to iud however my spouse said this thing made me a “different person” . I had anxiety/panic attacks more often and my anxiety was crippling. I was in a constant state of trying to keep myself from losing my cool. I would have pain after and during sex even bleeding after sex. Sometimes I would have crippling contraction like cramps after sex with the Iud that would have me rolling in tears and unable to get up. I would go to my gyno frequently about these things over the 5 yrs and She would not say it was because of the iud after plenty of ultrasounds /pelvic exams so I just dealt with it .after all Am I not supposed to trust my dr? As a woman I know it is frustrating to live this way. I decided to get it out after the 5 yr mark however I regret not getting it out sooner. Im currently Post mirena 4 months and since I’ve had a cyst rupture that put me in the er and a gyno that said it had nothing to do with my iud getting taken out , but that it could be my gall bladder…. WHATT? And most importantly I have THE mirena crash. My hormones to put it lightly have been out of control .. my emotional and mental clarity for a solid two months was terrible , and I had a literal constant state of nausea for almost 1.5 months.I also developed endometriosis post mirena.The ultimate positive thing after getting it out Almost immediately even laying there I felt a literal weight lifted off of my chest that I can’t really describe… I felt lighter and almost like my body was saying “thank you” It was like I could almost breathe a full breath again and my anxiety was gone . I know my story may not be like yours but I hope some of my testimony will help you realize that yes we are not crazy , and even if your ultrasounds are “fine” and your pelvic exams are “fine” your pain and suffering is your body telling you something. At the end of of the day there’s nothing good that comes out of messing with what Mother Nature intends. I refuse to believe that my ovarian cyst rupture was because of my gall bladder and I’m offended that my dr thought I was really that dumb. I refuse to believe that my new diagnosis of endometriosis just came out of no where. I refuse to believe the mirena was not to blame for all of my symptoms period.

Story submission 10/27/2020