Story submission 12/07/2020

I was trying to find the "best birth control" for me, and found myself getting Nexplanon.  My PA briefly brushed over the side effects in a very nonchalant manner and readily cut my arm to place the device. This was one of the worst things I could've ever done to my body. After disrupting my menstrual cycle for a little over 3 months, I had terrible, uncontrollable mood swings- shaking with anger, then a few minutes later, I was able to see colors other than red.  The longer I had Nexplanon in my arm the more sure I was that this was the cause of such emotional and psychological discomfort. I knew something was wrong with my body because I felt myself losing control of my emotions. Finally, a few months later, I was diagnosed with Premenstrual Dyphoric Disorder (PMDD), to which I credit pumping synthetic carcinogenic hormones under the alias of "Contraception". Looking in retrospect, I see how placing these toxins into my blood insidiously destroyed an already balanced cycle. I threw a major biochemical wrench into a smooth running reproductive engine. After learning more about my menstrual cycle through Fertility Awareness Based Methods such as Billings Ovulation Method, I have gained the understanding that the fluctuation of hormones is like an extravagant symphony-full of highs and lows, constant eb and flow. I have learned not to silence the symphony of my female reproductive system, not even to try to orchestrate it, but to listen to each captivating note played by my body.