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I let my OBGYN talk me into getting an IUD to manage my heavy bleeding caused by fibroids. My body can’t tolerate birth control pills, and I’m not ready for a hysterectomy, so an IUD felt like the only option.

Insertion was painful, but bearable. The months of severe pain that followed were not. My doctor repeatedly dismissed my pain, even though it was sometimes so severe I couldn’t go to my job or participate in normal activities. Although I was told to only expect a few days of pain following insertion, my OBGYN was unphased when I reported excruciating pain weeks and months later, simply advising me to “take Motrin” although I’d repeatedly told her it wasn’t helping. I was assured that my other side effects couldn’t be related to the IUD – even though all of them were known side effects documented in clinical trials.

Women deserve better.

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