Cameron’s Story

Hi everyone!

Here’s my story with the Mirena:

I was on the combination pill for six years and had “seemingly” no side effects.

I liked the idea of being on less hormones and I had a lot of friends who loved the IUD, so I switched over to the Mirena in December 2021.

I noticed within a couple weeks that I was getting more anxious about random things I would never have gotten anxious about before. I’ve never had any anxiety, so I noticed this change quickly. After almost two months, I experienced the first panic attack I had ever had. I consistently had panic attacks for the next two weeks – unable to eat, sleep or function at all. I was MISERABLE. I was living in New York at the time and had to move home.

I got the IUD out after two months and was feeling better and went back to New York and the anxiety and panic attacks came back. I got my period back normally after one month and I’m doing a post birth control protocol with The VIP Sync Society.

It’s now been almost two months since I’ve gotten the IUD out and the anxiety is getting better, but it’s still not fully gone.

Submitted on April 11,  2022


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