“These things can ruin lives and women aren’t warned about the side effects.” Cassandra’s Story

I got my Mirena IUD in August 2017. I had no problems with it. My period stopped immediately. I thought it was great. Over the course of 8 months, I gained 30 lbs but never thought it could be from the Mirena. The following year, I started a keto diet then combined it with intermittent fasting and I lost 40 lbs and developed an eating disorder. Exactly 2 years after the insertion, my life rapidly went downhill. I started having terrible mood swings and I developed binge eating disorder. My mood swings were so bad that I thought I had BPD. I spent almost 2 full years struggling with binge eating. I also started getting chin hair and oily hair, thick hair on my body, never ending hormonal acne that ruined my self esteem, frequent headaches/ migraines and severe brain fog. I went to my gyno because I thought maybe I have PCOS. She dismissed all of my symptoms. So I went to my PCP to get my thyroid levels checked. They were fine. But I didn’t know that Mirena can elevate them. I finally started to learn about how bad IUDs can be. I removed mine after 4 years. It’s only been two weeks and I feel happier, I have confidence, my bloat is gone, my binge eating magically disappeared. These things can ruin lives and women aren’t warned about the side effects.

Submitted on July 31, 2021

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