Emily’s Story


When I got my hormonal IUD put in two years ago I felt a sharp pain on the right side of my body. My doctor told me an “expert” would be inserting it when really she was a student. I had the IUD for five weeks and multiple doctors later before it was taken out. I went for an ultrasound, nothing wrong.

Sharp constant pain, loss of libido, and extreme sensitivity to sound and touch were my symptoms to start. I kept on with my usual work, and attempted to practice/teach my usual yoga classes, but all I could feel was pain on the right side of my pelvis and numbness on the left.

A few months later my doctor called with my results from my colposcopy. I have had many colposcopies before (I was diagnosed with HPV when I was 21 and the severety fluctuated until I was 26). Before the IUD I was told I was at a CIN 1 and things were looking better (less abnormal cells on the cervix). I was going to be able to go back to a regular pap smear!

Months later my doctor forgot to tell me (after the IUD) “Oh yeah, your colposcopy results were at a CIN 3/4 and we would like to do the LEEP procedure right away!”. I responded hesitantly and she continued to tell me if I didn’t get the procedure I could get cancer and have a full histerectomy and why would I want to do that to my child who I already have.

Ugh. I will never make a decision out of fear ever again! Only LOVE. So I was determined to heal myself from HPV and cervical dysplasia myself, and heal from my traumatic IUD experience.

Two years later and I still expierience pain on my right and numbness on my left. I still feel sensitive to sound and touch. My libido is still low and it takes me a long time to feel safe in my body during intercourse. My cervical dysplasia is still there… but getting better. Even though the IUD is removed, the damage is done. I was never this way before. I didn’t jump at loud noises or cover my ears and go into a full panic attack when my partner would speak too loudly. I enjoyed sex, a lot. My cervix was healthier. I could work full time.

In the past two years I’ve gone to working part time, spending over 10,000 dollars on holistic healing modalities. Educated myself through courses and research. Asked questions while in the doctors office. Set hard ass boundaries and communicated clearly with my partner, employer, and doctors. I’ve completely changed my yoga practice and started teaching womb healing yoga (because this is the only practice my body could do – and it’s become my passion). And started meditating on my womb daily to “check in”, release the past, and move forward with courage and awareness on what my body really needs.

I hope this story helps others make an informed decision on whether or not they want to risk getting an IUD. I never thought this would happen to me. I always wanted another baby and felt pressured to “try out” the IUD from outside sources. So, it was NOT for me. But I believe we are meant to learn from past experiences and this is one.

I am happy to say I am now three months pregnant with my second child. I fully believe in the power to heal our bodies, even if it takes a lifetime. I will not stop learning, educating, making lifestyle changes, and listening to the voice of my womb. She wants to be heard. All we have to do is listen.

Thank you for reading.

With all my love,

Emily Bailey