I had 1 fibroid at age 39 in 2018-2021. Natalie’s Story

I had 1 fibroid at age 39 in 2018-2021. I was recommended by an obgyn to get a Mirena IUD to stop heavy bleeding. I only had Mirena in for 1 year. It fell out the 1st time. Second one several months later was in my cervical canal. Within that year, I developed 4 cysts. I had had MRI, CT, US, another MRI prior with nothing on it except 1 fibroid. 2 months prior to A hysterectomy for 1 fibroid, I get ultrasound report with hypoechoic cyst with internal scattered echos. When I look up PCOS, I find serous cystadenoma. I didn’t agree to any ovary removal in writing or verbally. When I woke up from hysterectomy at St Anne Hospital in Burien, WA 2021 nurse said surgeon removed your right ovary. I immediately got up to call him. He was quiet and said we’d discuss at 1st week postop appointment. At post op appointment, he said I had 1 right torsed ovary. He said he did have option to wake me up. I remembered describing how I could feel my ovary on top of my abdomen. I was 130lbs. He felt it at 2 month pre-exam for hysterectomy to stop bleeding. Instead of putting any notes about my email requesting appointment just for my Ultrasound results he had me do IUD removal, endometrial biopsy, then sign consent. No discussion about 4 benign appearing cysts on US. He then went on further to not put on my History and Physical and ovarian cysts so that none of nurses and docs reviewing me could record that for surgical team. I knew I had no cancer. No family history, and no cancer markers. When I looked up 2 of the 4 cysts, they are same looking as PCOS. Would that miraculously develop after 1 year? Serous cystadenoma. Those 4 cysts were all the sudden 1 large benign cyst he said is a benign tumor. Well PCOS with that same type of tumor occurs on women. I got right ovary removed for a benign condition. Surgeon said, when I was at appointment 6 months later for no libido, no sex drive, that Mirena should reduce ovarian cysts. Is that in someone who had them? My ovary looked beautiful and so did uterus. The horrible consent is one for multiple other organs not relating to female organs at CHI Franciscan. There is no place on consent that gives suggestion of an ovary being removed for benign conditions. My surgeon knew full well that 4 cysts increases risk for torsion (which is a reason to save). I asked prior to surgery if I could have a biopsy, but he declined. He just said, well look in there and see. I had no idea he had the right to remove when I verbally said never remove an ovary. I was only in for an elective surgery for 1 fibroid. 

Submitted on: 2024/03/04