My name is Marilia and here is my story.

Hi everybody!!

My name is Marilia and here is my story. I had copper IUD on 2019, and was the worst experience in my life. I got married and wanted to get my body free of hormones, so I decided to use the copper IUD on February 2019. One month later, I start to feel weird: brain fog, big hair loss, weakness, racing heart for no reason and some allergic problems that I never had before. I went to my gynecologist, she said it was psychological, because copper IUD doesn’t cause these symptoms. I went to a lot of kind off doctors, and nobody discovered what happened to me and my healthy, which getting worse even more. It thought I was crazy. 2 months later, talking to friend that is gynecologist too, she told me that copper IUD can cause copper poisoning in rare conditions, maybe could be my case. I was so relived, cause nothing in my life was change before the IUD, so the only explanation was this. So, the first thing I did was remove the IUD as soon as possible. Researching about copper IUD and side effects, I found many support groups that was so helpful, Flor Kot Hansem and 2 brazilian girls that gave me all support and help to pass by this horrible phase. I went to a naturalist doctor, who prescribed me a hair exam to measure the minerals in my body and prescribed me several vitamins according to the results of this exam. In addition, I underwent treatment with a homeopathic doctor, who also helped a lot. I read every article I could find about copper poisoning, and I discovered that sweating would be a good way to eliminate heavy metals, so I made an effort to do physical activities at least 3 times a week. Six months after IUD removal and vitamin treatment, I felt like myself again. I regained my physical strength, my ability to reason, my hair stopped falling out and the allergies disappeared. I am extremely grateful to all the people who helped me through this process, especially my husband, who followed the entire process from the beginning and never doubted me. I would like to leave a message for you who are going through this right now: take care of yourself, your health, there is no one better than you to know your body and your mind, don’t let anyone tell you that you are crazy… IUD copper poisoning exists and you will recover like I did. This will pass, its hard, but be patient… And I make myself available to help anyone who needs it, just as I was helped a lot by this group and by so many others. We are women and we must unite for our physical and mental health.

Submitted on: 2024/01/02