“I had the mirena iud implanted 16 years ago” Tiffany’s Story

I had the mirena iud implanted 16 years ago, a couple months after my son was born. A couple years later, it wasn’t to be found in my uterus. Doc told me they were sure it must’ve fallen out and I probably just didnt notice. (10 years ago, I had another child)
Fast forward to about a month ago, searching for a specific unrelated medical term in my doctor’s medical app- I noticed some X-ray results were in there, so I looked at them and what do you know?! There’s this little T shaped object just hanging out in there. Called the doc the next day, went for ultrasounds that week- couldn’t find it. Had X-rays done. And there it was. Hanging out in my pelvic area (not in my uterus). Doctor called and we will be scheduling exploratory surgery soon to try to remove it.

Submitted on: 2023/11/27