“A year of roller coaster emotions and weird physiological functions” Felicity’s story

This year, has been a year of roller coaster emotions and weird physiological functions. I have had a really hard time understanding whether a busy life was the cause of all the issues or the introduction of the Copper IUD.
The most notable, as they were the most unusual symptoms were; onset of headaches, a significant drop in iron levels measured at 7 ( I have never had concerns with my levels ever being significantly low, not even after birthing children), and my weight retention. I am the sort of person that, with a little discipline in my diet (nothing other than avoiding sweet treats) and exercise of 2-3 times a week, my weight slowly shifts on the scales to a healthier weight. This year, I had a goal to return to my Pre pregnancy weight which is about 9kg away. Nothing I am doing is working. The scales won’t move and neither with my body measurements. I have been making attempts for 4 months now. The more I exercise the more fatigued I feel in spite of a decent diet and supplements. I feel the need to sleep more when I exercise more too. I have been to the doctor multiple times because I feel like I am imagining all this. 9 months ago, I had no issues in seeing weight loss results, aging doesn’t just suddenly kick in so drastically at age 36. I am now seriously contemplating removing the copper IUD to work out if this was the root of all my subtle, and larger issues.

Submitted on: 2023/11/13