My 13-Year Copper IUD Journey: Unexpected Breakage and the Frustration of a Dismissive Doctor

I have had my Copper IUD in for 13 years and just went to the doctor to have it removed and replaced and one arm broke off during removal. This just happened today (10/26/2023) and my doctor is going to refer me to another physician who can try to help get it removed. Given you are tracking the incidences of IUD breakage I wanted to report me case. I can write in again when I get an appointment with the next physician to try to remove it. I am hoping it’s not an incredibly damaging or painful process.

The doctor who removed it had terrible bedside manner. It was my first time seeing her. The website said she was a doctor but I found out during the appointment that she was only a doctor’s assistant. When she went in to remove it and realized it had broken she was incredibly abrupt with me. Instead of tell me anything or replacing the IUD, she just clammed up, told me to get my clothes on and almost ran out of the room and just spent a second handing me a fist full of kleenex and then just said put your clothes back on. I asked her what was happening!? She wouldn’t say but just repeated put your clothes back on and I’ll be back in a minute. It felt a bit shocking.

She came back in the room and then told me that one arm had broken off during removal and she didn’t seem to want to try to get the arm out and didn’t seem to want to answer any questions but just rushed me out of the room and said she’d give me a referral to another doctor and that I could talk to them.

My appointment was in the morning and I had hoped by this evening (it’s now 9pm where I live) that I’d have SOMETHING from the doctors office like she said she would provide but I didn’t get anything today.

The whole experience wasn’t handled very well. Perhaps the doctor that I eventually get referred to will be a bit more regulated and supportive and forthcoming.

I’ll let you know. Hoping its all going to be okay.



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