My IUD Nightmare: How Getting a Liletta IUD on Valentine’s Day Changed My Life for the Worse

I got my IUD after I had my 3rd child on Valentines day. I got the Liletta IUD and I’m now very much regretting it. I’ve always had some mild anxiety here and there but this IUD has made me feel so horrible . My anxiety is severe and now I have some depression mood swings invasive thoughts tiredness and my IBS has gotten so much worse. I also have low iron and getting the iud was suppose to help due to them saying it pretty much stops your period but it has made it so much worse. I bleed for 14 to 18 days a month spotting and weird brown discharge and awful cramps. I had normal healthy very regular periods before this. I urge any woman considering getting a IUD PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do research tons of it. I’m praying and hoping to get this IUD removed in January at my yearly appointment. You’re not crazy if you’re experiencing odd symptoms it’s definitely the birth control 100%. It doesn’t matter if you’ve just started experiencing these symptoms months or years of having it in, they can come on anytime. Listen to your body always it’s always right!!


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